The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 1040 with Brian Regan

Episode Number: 1040
Episode Guest: Brian Regan
Original Airdate: November 15, 2017
Episode Sponsors: ZipRecruiter, Square Cash, Casper

Guest Bio: Brian Regan is one of the top stand-up comedians working today. His new Netflix special Nunchucks and Flamethrowers comes out on November 21, 2017.

Topics Discussed: Joe has TechnoHUNT in his new podcast studio; Joe is going to do a weekly MMA podcast now; Brian is impressed by how successful Joe is; Brian lives in Las Vegas with his family; performing at Red Rocks; they have oxygen backstage at shows located at high altitude; alcohol at high altitude; alcohol relaxes you; marijuana and pool; Sober Octobert talk; people need a vice; coffee is the weakest vice; he drinks chilled peach Schnapps before going on stage; stories about being drunk and having fun; alcohol gives you freedom to be goofy; Joe said drunk people were annoying when he was sober; dating someone who doesn’t drink when you drink; planning for a hangover; eating food when drunk; Waffle House; Waffle House fights; “cold tea”/alcohol past last call at Chinese restaurants; there’s no last call in Vegas; drunk drivers leaving clubs; Uber drivers and ratings; talking with someone who’s driving you; talk about Fear Factor; Jackass fart mask video; what would people from the past think of our entertainment today; Steve-O hospitalized after stunt with fire; he likes watching police chases on YouTube for fun; showing deaths on live television; police chase suspect live streams on Facebook for hours; news broadcaster/radio announcer voices; does the news promote car chases; Corvette ZR1; Moore’s law; Brian gets no joy from cars; he got to drive a NASCAR car on a track; driving stick; Brian pulled the emergency break when his brother was driving; Ken Block’s Mustang video; Brian just bought a 2018 Escalade; (1:00:00) new car technology; talk about self-driving cars; Dick Cheney has no pulse; Christian Bale as Dick Cheney; Joe wouldn’t go to Mars if it was possible to visit; earth is the best spot in space, so why leave; base jumper dies after 20,000 foot wingsuit jump; Andy Stumpf; fighting is the scariest thing Joe has done; people watching UFC fights for the first time; Brian talks about going to watch UFC live with Hannibal Buress; watching UFC live vs. on TV; he was surprised at how cerebral fighting is; the mentality and attitude of fighters; fighters losing enthusiasm; you can’t be a high level fighter and have a job; Joe wants to watch live bullfighting; non-violent bullfighting; (they watch bullfighting videos); he wanted an elaborate fish tank by the people from the Tanked TV show but it was too much work to take care of them; Mandalay Bay shark reef; talk about fishing; Joe talks about fishing in Mexico; fishing drunk is okay, hunting drunk is not okay; his upcoming shows; he does 26 weekends a year; talk about writing and trying out new bits; stolen songs in music, stolen bits in comedy; mistakenly doing bits similar to another comedian’s bits; he doesn’t write anything down, just says things out loud; talk about George Carlin and his writing process; he passed on seeing one of Carlin’s last sets in favor of seeing a Neil Diamond impersonator; impersonators in Las Vegas; Frank Marino drag show; comedy and political correctness; Loudermilk TV show; taboo subjects; the internet gives a voice to anyone with an opinion; comedy is subjective; there are no subgenres to comedy, unlike music; would he do comedy if he had to start today; his comedy is for people of all ages; Bill Cosby was against dirty comedy; being authentic; he didn’t try to reach a wide audience, he just wanted to do what came to him naturally; he has two upcoming specials for Netflix; comedy club talk.

My Thoughts: Short podcast. They’re friendly with each other but don’t seem to have much of a rapport or many things in common aside from comedy. It feels like he was only there to promote his upcoming special.

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