The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 1036 with Ari Shaffir, Bert Kreischer, and Tom Segura

Episode Number: 1036
Episode Guest: Ari Shaffir, Bert Kreischer, and Tom Segura
Original Airdate: November 7, 2017
Episode Sponsors: ButcherBox

Guest Bio: Joe is joined by Ari Shaffir, Bert Kreischer, and Tom Segura to recap Sober Octobert and discuss a new challenge.

Topics Discussed: How they feel afterwards; doing yoga for 15 days; doing yoga on Halloween; Joe says Ari has a good body (for yoga and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu); there was no controversy during this contest, unlike the previous one; talk about going without alcohol and marijuana; deciding there would be no weed; #prayforjoe; Ari wanted to drug test everyone; Bert hadn’t been sober in years; how flying without alcohol was for Bert; switching from alcohol to caffeine; Joe talks about an alcoholic he did construction with; Bert says he fell in love with being sober; Melissa Etheridge doesn’t think a plane will crash if she’s a passenger on it; The Secret book; Angelina Jolie has Bell’s Palsy; Bert worries too much about the future and can’t relax; Ron White is relaxed; Duane Ludwig vs. Shad Smith crane kick video; Joey Diaz lives in the moment; approaching stand-up comedy technically; Joey Diaz yelled at Joe for having a notebook to write in; John Cena plays Candy Crush; Razer smart phone for gamers; Joe talks about his crazy dreams when he wasn’t smoking weed; Joe explains why he’s obsessed with werewolves; Joe thinks going through high school fighting wasn’t good for him; Joe talks about Eddie Bravo getting him into weed; Joe says his life from 15-22 was chaos; Joe has called over 1,000 fights for the UFC; Joe is too comfortable with trauma; Courtney Dauwalter talk; Joe says she’s his new hero; Bert is going to run a marathon; Bert is the life of the party; their blood pressures dropped without alcohol; Celebrity Rehab TV show; Photoshopped pictures of the guys on social media; challenging your friends is good; talk about Tom Segura’s Lamborghini prank(1:00:00) more Lambo talk; reactions from people who thought he really bought a Lambo; Tom is a hard worker; Joe did stand-up at Madison Square Garden; Joe performed for 6,000 people; people who want you to fail; Owen Benjamin; Jamie Kilstein talk; the Kilstein delusion video; Bert’s mutual masturbation story; fetishes; Bert has a rubber glove fetish; feet; more Courtney Dauwalter talk; American woman wins NYC Marathon for first time in 40 years; Ari’s dad is 80 years old and runs marathons; The Interview movie; more talk about women and marathons; Eddie Izzard is trans; Cameron Hanes talk; Bert is going to run a marathon; Bert wants a Harley Davidson bobber motorcycle; cheerleaders; more marathon talk; AirRunner treadmill; talk about Bert and Tom’s weights; fat shaming; bullies; teenage relationships; Joe’s been getting super high since starting marijuana again; going vegan; the new challenge could be going vegetarian; Joe talks about his chickens again; hawks keep flying into Joe’s glass fence in his backyard; Joe fed his chickens a mouse; Game of Thrones talk; Mindhunter Netflix show; The Big Bang Theory with no laugh track video; sitcoms; more talk about Bert running a marathon; what if they bet their houses; debate about how quickly Bert needs to finish a marathon; Bert needs to beat Ari’s dad’s marathon time of 6:26:00; (2:00:00) more marathon talk; UFC cornerman screams for fighter to use “retard strength” during fight video; Joe says he’ll donate $30,000 to a charity if Bert can finish a marathon in less than 6:26:00; if Bert loses the challenge, Joe will donate $10,000 to charity; if Bert quits, Joe gives nothing and he has to drink a shot of Joe’s piss; debate about the marathon Bert has to run; why do carbs feel so good; running a marathon drunk; runner drinks beer every half mile during marathon; Joe says he doesn’t need weed or alcohol, but he likes them; Joe talks about getting drunk in Texas with Tom; Joe gets emotional about Tom’s comedy journey; treating upcoming comedians as an equal; Joe cried listening to a podcast of Ari’s where he spoke of his relationship with Joe; why Joe takes great comics on the road to open for him; Joey Diaz talk; Joe talks about having to open for Jim Breuer; Bert getting into comedy; hosting shows; Russell Peters talk; Joe calls Aziz Ansari “smug”; Duncan Trussell; shaving your head; Joe’s tattoos; his tattoos were done by Aaron Della Vedova; more tattoo talk; Joe can count in Korean and had to teach using Korean words; Joe was nervous about Bert because he quit drinking six double drinks per day for Sober Octobert; Joe talks about smoking blunts with Charlie Murphy; Joe talks about Charlie’s death; Tom and Joe talk about Charlie starting stand-up comedy; (they watch a Charlie Murphy video I can’t find); more Charlie Murphy talk; picture of Charlie telling a story to Maurice Smith and Ivan Saliverry; everyone is going to die; felching; Bert has to run a marathon, beat Ari’s dad’s time, and he has to be drunk; Joe thinks everyone should do the marathon and do a shot of tequila every five miles; rollerskating/rollerblading; more conversation about the next bet.

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