The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 1033 with Owen Benjamin

Episode Number: 1033
Episode Guest: Owen Benjamin
Original Airdate: November 1, 2017
Episode Sponsors: Trackr, Blinkist, Square Cash

Guest Bio: Owen Benjamin is a stand-up comedian and actor. Check out his podcast called Why Didn’t They Laugh? available on Apple Podcasts.

Topics Discussed: They’re drinking William Wolf bourbon; Stranger Things Netflix show; (Joe smokes weed for the first time in a month); Joe’s going to do Sober October every year; Owen hit his foot with an axe and put a maxi pad on the wound; using Super Glue to close cuts; Flea Super Glued his finger and continued to play bass guitar; Japanese toilets in the new studio; (they watch a video of someone getting hit in the nuts); use a lacrosse ball for massaging; WOD massage ball; back issues; using your non-dominant hand for things; he plays the piano on stage while doing comedy; watching live comedy while standing up; he was a heckler at a renaissance fair; slapping another guy; (they watch a video of two guys having a slap off); Joe says that Owen is super impulsive and that he says fucked up shit; comedians shouldn’t have a line, but shouldn’t be cruel; reverse virtue signalling; Black Rednecks and White Liberals book; Pabst Blue Ribbon beer; people are flavor snobs; lobsters are water bugs; crabs; Dogfish 18% beer; marijuana edibles; video of Lee Syatt super high while podcasting with Joey Diaz; Jamie Kilstein talk; feeling scared for your life; reward systems; Joe thinks humans have physical requirements for movement; jumping up and down for exercise; (Jamie shows videos of people jumping really high); Napoleon wasn’t really short; people were smaller in the past because of lack of nutritious food; Joe talks about his grandfather’s hard life and living with him while his grandmother was dying; blockbusting; talk about their friends dying young; PTSD is an injury of the mind; Quinn from Impractical Jokers was a firefighter and saw kids die; pedophiles were common in the past; Joe says Catholicism is a region built on fucking kids; Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History “Prophets of Doom” episode; religion and war; Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History “Wrath of the Khans” episode(1:00:00) more Dan Carlin talk; Daniele Bolelli’s History on Fire podcast; it was common in the past to be a pedophile; don’t hurt kids, but try to make them the best people they can be; more Genghis Khan and mongols talk; Joe wants to take Moshe Kasher bear hunting; Grizzly Man documentary; Joe thinks the Road House movie is gay; grizzly bear talk; his new special is called Feed the Bear; naming comedy specials; teen runner killed by bear during race in Alaska; Relentless Enemies documentary; white skin is a solar panel for vitamin D; keeping secrets; we’re programmed to seek conflict; online interactions are 50% conflict; all the words Ivanka Trump uses incorrectly; using your phone; influencing others; information addiction without processing it; New York attack; the need for information has replaced our need for food; cultural appropriation; Jamie Kilstein and owning up to your mistakes; we’re all just people; moral superiority; University of Connecticut cancelled Owen’s show after his comments about transgender child; being a father; good comedians came from fucked up childhoods; supporting transgender rights eclipses logic; talk about children taking hormones to change genders; talk about his childhood; it’s impossible to turn a man into a woman or vice versa; his agent dropped him after his comments about the transgender child; all his reps abandoned him; he’s been called a white supremacist because of a joke about slavery; Shaun King; #wrongskin; act how you want to act but don’t lie about your background; Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History “Addicted to Bondage” episode; Rachel Dolezal; let people be; weather makes east coast people tougher; it’s not cultural appropriation if you dress like a viking; Jack Johnson; Stanley Ketchel; Demetrious Johnson; Jack Johnson vs. Stanley Ketchel video(2:00:00) how would you want to die; how long until labs can grow new limbs; Joe tells the story of how Sam Kinison changed after a car accident; Joe wonders how his brain has changed after knockouts; behavior of adults who were sexually abused as children; infantry etymology; his town was littered with pedophile priests; Andy Dick fired for sexual assault; Andy Dick grabbed Owen’s dick and Owen knocked him to the ground; Andy Dick likes to push peoples’ buttons; photosynthesis; the casting couch; Harvey Weinstein’s wife; women aren’t naturally attracted to fat, ugly guys like Harvey Weinstein; the mindset of competitive people; ambition; more Weinstein talk; Brett Ratner sexual assault allegations; people should sign consent forms before sex; he has a friend who was kidnapped and gang raped; we can’t tolerate real rape, or false accusations; Dustin Hoffman sexual harassment allegations; be such a good guy that girls want to fuck you; be the man you pretend to be when you’re trying to get laid; elimination of masculinity; toxic people come from trauma; people need to learn from their mistakes; more Shaun King talk; not all straight white men are bad; Occidental University drunk sex/rape case; soldier/cop is a difficult job; Joe hasn’t had a bad experience with police officers; Joe’s real dad was a cop in New Jersey; more cop talk; (Joe goes piss during the podcast for the first time); South Park talk; South Park: The Fractured But Whole video game; Joe prefers doing podcasts high/drunk; chin ups; yoga talk; drink water before hot yoga; metric system; Camelbak hydration pack; Joe did a show at high altitude where there was oxygen backstage; acclimating to high altitude; coyotes; Coyote America book; Joe talks about his dog killing his chickens; hunting talk; (3:00:00) Joe on the cover of a hunting magazine; raccoons; does soy cause man boobs; Harvey Weinstein’s jizz; Black Death plague in Madagascar; fake news; Tim Cook says social media is being used to manipulate and divide us; Weinstein thinks the scandal happened so he could change the world; anonymous news sources; Obama’s war on whistleblowers; Obama on the wage gap; gender pay gap myth; women protecting other women; Joe says sobriety is both overrated and underrated; sincerity.

Books Mentioned

These are the books that were mentioned and/or recommended during this episode:

Black Rednecks and White Liberals
Used Book in Good Condition; Sowell, Thomas (Author); English (Publication Language); 384 Pages - 04/24/2006 (Publication Date) - Encounter Books (Publisher)
$17.95 −$1.79 $16.16
Coyote America: A Natural and Supernatural History
Flores, Dan (Author); English (Publication Language); 288 Pages - 09/05/2017 (Publication Date) - Basic Books (Publisher)
$17.99 −$10.00 $7.99

Last update on 2020-10-28. The above items contain Amazon affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on them. Images from Amazon Product Advertising API.

Movies Mentioned

These are the movies that were mentioned and/or recommended during this episode:

Grizzly Man
Grizzly Man - DVD Brand New; Timothy Treadwell, Amie Huguenard, Werner Herzog (Actors); Werner Herzog (Director) - Werner Herzog (Writer) - Alana Berry (Producer)
Road House (RPKG/BD) [Blu-ray]
Various (Actor); Various (Director); English, French, Spanish (Subtitles); English (Publication Language)
$9.07 −$3.28 $5.79
National Geographic - Relentless Enemies
Factory sealed DVD; English (Publication Language); Audience Rating: NR (Not Rated)

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TV Shows Mentioned

These are the TV shows that were mentioned and/or recommended during this episode:

Impractical Jokers: Season 1
Various (Actor); Various (Director); English (Publication Language)
South Park: Season 1
Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Isaac Hayes (Actors); Matt Stone (Director) - Andrew Borakove (Writer)
$14.99 −$12.99 $2.00

Last update on 2020-10-28. The above items contain Amazon affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on them. Images from Amazon Product Advertising API.

Products Mentioned

These are the products that were mentioned and/or recommended during this episode:

Last update on 2020-10-28. The above items contain Amazon affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on them. Images from Amazon Product Advertising API.

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