The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 1031 with Jamie Kilstein

Episode Number: 1031
Episode Guest: Jamie Kilstein
Original Airdate: October 30, 2017
Episode Sponsors: Squarespace, NatureBox

Guest Bio: Jamie Kilstein is a writer, radio host, and stand-up comedian.

Topics Discussed: Twitter is addictive; fighting with people online and looking for positive feedback; using the word “idiot” and being called an ableist; the alt right is in response to the ultra lefties; abortion talk; JK says he’s been listening to both sides for the first time; talk about his podcast changing from comedy to politics; we should be allies to each other; looking for validation online; becoming an attack machine; labeling himself a male feminist; a girl beat Jamie up; talk about Daniel Tosh’s rape joke from five years ago; JK’s first appearance on Joe’s podcast; losing his manager; JK talks about what has happened to him since his last appearance on Joe’s podcast; being told he’s a predator of women because he has a small amount of fame; (Joe tells him to stop saying “like”); the left likes to attack people; fat shaming; he was caught in the left wing spiral; he was feeling suicidal; he felt like he lost his audience; we have a problem with attacking people and it doesn’t fix anything; (1:00:00) doing stand-up for the first time in a year; he was doing slam poetry before returning to comedy; why he felt suicidal; he was told that telling someone he was suicidal was being manipulative; New York vs. Los Angeles; Joe geeks out about merino wool and First Lite clothing; talk about moving back to LA; we are susceptible to ideologies; we crave acceptance; Islamophobia; people trying to “out progressive” one another; only comics supported him after his predatory accusations; progressives are judgmental; more suicide talk; breaking his vegan edge and eating meat again; being around funny, hard working people is inspirational; David Carradine death conspiracy; talk about how he’s enjoying life more now since he’s no longer an ultra lefty; don’t argue or interact with people online; mining for sympathy; virtue signalling; Manafort and Gates indictment; DNC funded Trump dossier research; Hillary Clinton talk; black lives matter talk; death of Sandra Bland; nurse arrested after trying to stop police from taking blood from unconscious patient; talk about police officers; diversity; protesting; traditional media is becoming irrelevant; media twisting the Kevin Spacey news; man alleges Kevin Spacey tried to have sex with him when he was 14; So You’ve Been Publically Shamed book; he feels better now that he’s off Twitter; progressive ideology is a cult; Radiolab “Truth Trolls” podcast about Shia Labeouf; why he hasn’t responded to the allegations against him; (2:00:00) ultra progressives are attacking progressives; trying to silence people; Sam Harris’ “Facing the Crowd” podcast with Nicholas Christakis; tenure makes professors arrogant; his life is better now and he’s more empathetic; factory farming talk; animals and antibiotics; “The FBI’s Hunt for Two Missing Piglets Reveals the Federal Cover-Up of Barbaric Factory Farms” article; food deserts; people are distracted by nonsense all day; learning from negative experiences; we can all be nicer and find middle ground; JK is happy comedians are welcoming him back after abandoning comedy; Kurt Metzger, rape culture, UCB talk; Bert Kreischer’s podcast with Kurt Metzger; Jim Norton debating Lindy West on W. Kamau Bell’s TV show; JK keeps talking about himself; talk about Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby; people knew Cosby was raping women as far back as the ’60s; it’s good people are being exposed, but witch hunts aren’t good; Harvey Weinstein accusations go back to the ’70s; more Harvey talk; Harvey’s contract allowed sexual harassment; 1911 gum advertisement with instructions on how to kiss a girl.

Books Mentioned

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So You've Been Publicly Shamed
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These are the products that were mentioned and/or recommended during this episode:

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