The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 1013 with Cameron Hanes

Episode Number: 1013
Episode Guest: Cameron Hanes
Original Airdate: September 22, 2017
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Guest Bio: Cameron Hanes is a bowhunting athlete, training intensively each and every day to become the ultimate predator. He also has a podcast available on Apple Podcasts called Keep Hammering with Cameron Hanes.

Topics Discussed: Utah; Under Armour filmed their hunt; their experience was indescribable; bull elk bugle; male/female elk relationships; a 10-year-old bull is considered old; at one time, elk were almost wiped out in America; Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation; white-tailed deer; deer-vehicle collisions; reactions from non-hunters about hunting; Cam wants to be ethical and merciful while hunting; nature is cruel; humans evolved because of hunting and eating meat; running hills helped Joe’s endurance for hunting; hunting isn’t just about killing; hunting isn’t easy; the elk they kill provides food for their families; Bryan Callen wants to get into bowhunting but doesn’t want to put in the work; debate about red meat and heart disease; wild game meat is nutritious; vegans distort the truth about meat; What the Health documentary debunked; wild meat vs. factory farming; the connection to meat you’ve killed; hunting is difficult; people aren’t connected to their food; dead animals are all around us in stores; hunting is spiritual; hunting takes a lot of practice; failure while hunting; it’s hard to understand hunting unless you do it; hunting isn’t a sport; people need to struggle at things; hunting is a discipline; hunting is intense; negative feedback online; Adam Greentree’s Instagram; more talk about Adam hunting alone and documenting his hunt on Instagram; hunting is about the journey; camping vs. staying in a lodge; (1:00:00) people rarely stay in the woods by themselves; nature is good for people; nature levels the playing field between people; shooting a bow is difficult; target panic; you find out more about yourself by hunting; hunting led Cameron to running marathons; bowhunting brings people together; people calling Joe lucky to hunt where he does; do shit that’s difficult; Cam runs the equivalent of a marathon each day; he’s training for the Moab 200; Cam will run in Under Armour Fat Tire shoes; Cam trains hard so hunting is easy for him; hunting requires strength; Cam was consuming 2,000 calories per day and burning 3,000; David Goggins on Rich Roll’s podcast; David Goggins breaking the Guinness World Record for pull-ups video; Pavel Tsatsouline; talk about exercising and reps; exercise routines for training for a marathon; Cam doesn’t talk to anyone about training; ketogenic diet talk; Cam says he needs carbs and the keto diet doesn’t work for him; bodies aren’t the same; Joe explains ketosis to Cam; Joe’s podcast with Dom D’Agostino; Tim Ferriss’ podcast with Dom; more diet talk; Cam says he hates people because they complain; Cam’s family is athletic and his brother runs ultramarathons; Cam talks about his dad; marathon runners are independent; talk about the history of marathons; he did a 100-mile marathon on a whim; more marathon talk; “Runners Show Less Fatigue After 200 Miles Than 100 Miles” article; Cam doesn’t think he’s a freak, he thinks he’s good at ignoring pain; talk about running a marathon per day; he thinks the meat he hunts and eats helps with his marathons; protein in elk meat; Joe thinks he feels better at 50 than he has in the past; Cam makes more money outside of his real job than he does by doing his real job; Joe wants to put together introductory courses for people who want to get into bowhunting; (2:00:00) it’s important to support public lands; Backcountry Bowhunting book; Joe doesn’t understand how Cam has so much time; Cam talks about his friends at work bowhunting; Andy Stumpf is into hunting now; Andy’s Cleared Hot podcast episode about failure; John Dudley; frustration and failure; Under Armour “Time” video about Cameron; animals recognizing you while hunting; more talk about their recent hunt; hunting on public lands; hunting tags; trophy hunting; animal intelligence; animals know humans are dangerous; mountain lions kill elk; British Columbia to end grizzly bear trophy hunting; Cam says he has 50 bear skin rugs; more talk about British Columbia and trophy hunting; using dogs to hunt animals; Cam has a tag to hunt mountain lions but has only seen three in 30 years; dogs are a tool for hunting like a rifle or bow; Joe rants again about the anthropomorphism of animals; animals need to be managed to control their populations; Adam Greentree believes there are grizzly bears in Colorado; more ranting about how British Columbia doesn’t know anything about hunting and animal populations; hunters are portrayed as the bad guys in movies; hunters are good people; the killing of a hunter in xXx: Return of Xander Cage; “In Zimbabwe, We Don’t Cry for Lions” article; lions kill a lot of people and other animals in Africa; our ideas about wildlife are shaped by movies; Game of Thrones editor killed by lion; people are slowly becoming educated about hunting; archery is good for relaxing and mediation; Under Armour paid for their hunting trip to Utah; bears aren’t our friends; hunting is a better experience than going to the zoo; hunters didn’t have a voice before podcasts; Joe’s hunting podcasts have changed the minds of a lot of people in regards to hunting; hunting TV shows are terrible; Steven Rinella got Joe into hunting; hunters have a different perspective on life and death; people tell Cam they want his family to die because he hunts; people talking shit online; Cam thinks hunters don’t troll vegans online; billions of dollars from hunting goes towards animal and environmental conservation; hunters are conservationists; Joe talks again about how harvesting grain kills animals; animals die for the production of everything; (3:00:00) large-scale agriculture is unnatural.

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