The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 1004 with W. Kamau Bell

Episode Number: 1004
Episode Guest: August 29, 2017
Original Airdate: W. Kamau Bell
Episode Sponsors: Onnit, DraftKings, LegalZoom

Guest Bio: W. Kamau Bell is a host, writer, and stand-up comic. Watch his show United Shades of America on CNN and check out his podcast Politically Reactive available on Apple Podcasts. He also recently released a book entitled The Awkward Thoughts of W. Kamau Bell.

Topics Discussed: W. is an Android guy; Henry Rollins; Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank “Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost” podcast episode; Henry Rollins’ travelling; Ari disappeared for four months; taking time off and getting time away; you have problems even when you have money; Zac de la Rocha; disappearing when you have a certain amount of money; being rich but not famous; Oprah and her power and popularity; Dr. Phil; Oprah sued by cattle ranchers; Houston now during flood and before; Hurricane Katrina; Joel Osteen wouldn’t open up his church for flood victims; prosperity gospel; Creflo Dollar; Robert Tilton; more Joel Osteen talk; politicians tapping into religious followers; do people claim he’s part of “fake news” because he has a show on CNN; he thinks the perception among his friends is that CNN leans to the right; his show getting bumped for breaking news; Thursdays are bad for breaking news; Trump’s tweeting; what can Obama do to help; more Obama talk; saying something earnestly or for positive attention; violent protesters; Berkeley protests; New York Times tweeted fake news about Conor McGregor; Charlottesville protesters dressed like police or military; Antifa protestors; does the mayor or chief of police have the power; Arizona prison tents; driving drunk; San Quentin Prison rehab programs; Joe Arpaio; three-strikes law; Norway prison sentences; other prison rehab programs and the lack of them; private prisons; prison guard unions lobby against marijuana legalization; Willie Horton; there will always be people who act out; mob mentality; more talk about Berkeley protests; Ben Shapiro; what is real hate speech; let people talk and debate; W. talks about his political podcast; Mayor Bloomberg stayed an extra term; ideological arguments; what is alt-right; black bloc anarchists; violent Antifa; people in Berkeley are varied and aren’t all far left; The Torture Memos book; Ann Coulter talk; people saying inflammatory things for attention; Milo Yiannopoulos protests in Berkeley; Charlottesville open carry gun laws; Charlottesville Tiki torch protestors; flaming arrows; (1:00:00) more talk about the Tiki torch protesters; Charlottesville protesters identified and fired; why wouldn’t Trump denounce the right wing protesters in Charlottesville; Joe thinks men shouldn’t do things when they’re 70; Obama’s tan suit; Obama’s birth certificate conspiracy theory; what bothered W. about Obama when he was in office; why do presidents abandon their campaign promises; Obama’s stance on whistle-blowers; the president has a lot of stuff to deal with; taxes and where the money goes; Washington, DC has a community filled with lobbyists; W. says he’s a capitalist not a communist;; public schools don’t have enough money for supplies; Joel Osteen is hording money; L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology; motivational speakers; Justin Beiber’s pastor friend; it would be hard to be Justin Bieber and turn out normal; child stars who have turned out well-adjusted; you are not the same person you were when you were younger; Trump isn’t curious about the outside world; Trump’s gold home; White House renovations; more talk about Trump and his speeches; Trump’s fake Time magazine cover; Trump’s fake Civil War battle monument on golf course; the left didn’t think Trump would win; Joe doesn’t care where Obama was born; it shouldn’t matter where the president is born; Trump has been on the cover of Time magazine before, but framed a fake picture; Joe thinks Trump looks evil because of his lips; W. thinks Trump didn’t really want to be president; who will be the next president; Obama seemed like a real person; Trump is disconnected; Trump supporters; the love of Trump comes from a hatred of the left; is House of Cards accurate; will Trump make it through four years as president; taking Trump’s name off buildings; Trump not revealing his tax returns; why do presidents release their tax returns; presidential pardons; Obama’s pardons and commutes; Jeff Sessions wants to bring back “just say no”; you can be too young and too old to vote; you shouldn’t be old and president; was Trump on stimulants; Hillary Clinton on Provigil; more talk about Trump taking stimulants; Trump’s energy; journalists on Adderall; Michael Hastings death; someone like Elon Musk needs to be president; The Rock might run for president; W. talks about his show on CNN and the creative freedom he has; how he came to get a show on CNN; he was given a news quiz by Jeff Zucker during an interview; a black man in white America was the idea for the show; what filming the episode with the KKK was like; the KKK thinks America is for whites only; talk about shooting the episode with the KKK and what they wanted to talk about; trying to reason with the KKK and pointing out hypocracy in the bible; there was a hot female fourth-generation KKK member he had to interview; being raised in a racist environment; (2:00:00) cross burning; wondering if he was being set up; he had no reasonable debate with members of the KKK, but he made them laugh; big cities are more diverse than smaller cities; fear of the unknown; gay marriage legalized federally; Hillary didn’t support marriage equality; trans bathrooms; Trump and trans military ban; Trump’s wall between Mexico; Anthony Bourdain’s show Parts Unknown; his old show Totally Biased; talking to people on the street; Billy on the Street TV show; more talk about his show; the only pushback he’s received were on fart jokes; writing monologues; going to Alaska for the show; Anchorage, Alaska; Michigan town with lots of Muslims; going to Dakota Access Pipeline protests; Tara Houska; the San Quentin episode affected him the most and he’s gone back since shooting the show; Joe doesn’t know what pinochle is; guys playing chess in their heads; guys who are locked up for life; black people are more harshly sentenced than white people; US incarceration rates; Shane Bouer worked as a prison guard; prison food; emancipation proclamation; Puerto Rico talk; could he live on the east coast; he starts filming season two soon; Silicon Valley people; Mark Zuckerberg might run for president; changing things takes time; more talk about his show; what he would talk to Trump about; Sean Spicer having to lie; children of undocumented immigrants; Trump is a role model because he is the president; Ronald Reagan; Iran-Contra and Oliver North; march from Charlottesville to Washington, DC; Joe thinks marching doesn’t do anything; it will take a while for our culture to sort things out; Joe thinks there should be a council of intelligent people rather than a president; electoral college; talk about voting; we have to look at ourselves as one group of humans; people are worried about jobs and safety.

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Torture Memos: Rationalizing the Unthinkable
Used Book in Good Condition; English (Publication Language); 304 Pages - 09/01/2009 (Publication Date) - New Press, The (Publisher)
$17.95 −$12.47 $5.48

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House of Cards: Season 1
DVD; Multiple Formats, AC-3, Box set; Spanish (Published), French (Subtitled), Portuguese (Subtitled)

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