The Joe Rogan Experience December 16, 2014 Fight Companion Podcast with Eddie Bravo, Brendan Schaub, and Bryan Callen

Episode Number: N/A
Episode Guest: Eddie Bravo, Brendan Schaub, and Bryan Callen
Original Airdate: December 16, 2014
Episode Sponsors: Onnit

Guest Bio: Eddie Bravo is is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu instructor and owner of 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu and has his own podcast Eddie Bravo Radio. Brendan Schaub is a heavyweight UFC fighter and co-host of the podcast The Fighter and the Kid. Bryan Callen is an actor, stand-up comedian, and the other half of The Fighter and the Kid podcast.

Topics Discussed: Brendan Schaub podcast controversy aftermath; Schaub’s losses; retiring; Chuck Liddell vs. Rich Franklin; young fighters growing; brain trauma; damage throughout career; football injuries; improvements Schaub needs to make; BJJ fighters getting better; Ben Saunders; adding weapons; Brendan’s striking; support from fans; podcast feedback; advice from others; people thinking they know you; pics with fans; Matt Hughes and Chuck Liddell sued by fans after taking choking pictures; Brendan’s future; friendship; Duane Ludwig; Forrest Griffin; Jon Jones cutting weight; Stipe Miocic vs. Junior Dos Santos fight; Jon Fitch submitted by Rousimar Palhares; Alan Belcher’s Palhares breakdown video; Fedor vs. Nogueira fight; fighting in Japan; gay BJJ; fighting in a ring; Nogueira; greasing; athletes; Carlson Gracie; Royce Gracie; Anthony “Rumble” Johnson; evolving striking; flexibility; Mark Coleman vs. Fedor fight; Fedor’s arm bar; Bob Sapp; Pedro Rizzo’s kicks; Fedor vs. Kazuyuki Fujita fight; ref cam; Wanderlei Silva vs. Mirko Crocop fight; Roy Jones Jr.; Manny Pacquiao; Floyd Mayweather; Mark Kerr; Bob Sapp vs. Nogueira fight; Bryan’s gay massage story; Bryan’s prostitute solicitation arrest story; prostitution; syphilis; HIV; origin of HIV; Peter Duesberg; malaria; Ebola; CIA’s influence on Hollywood; CIA conspiracies; Iran-Contra affair; corruption; journalism; JFK conspiracy; E. Howard Hunt’s deathbed confession video; Barry Seal; CIA’s drug smuggling planes.

My Thoughts: Wow, this is a lot of strong personalities talking, oftentimes over one another, and the topics jump all over the place and it’s hard to keep track of things. Towards the end Eddie and Bryan get into a heated discussion about the CIA, the government, and conspiracies in general. They don’t spend that much time watching fights.

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