The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 584 with Zoltan Istvan

Episode Number: 584
Episode Guest: Zoltan Istvan
Original Airdate: December 8, 2014
Episode Sponsors: MeUndies, Dollar Shave Club, Onnit

Guest Bio: Zoltan Istvan is a futurist, philosopher, journalist, author of number one best-selling novel The Transhumanist Wager, and he’s a 2016 US Presidential candidate for the Transhumanist Party.

Topics Discussed: His name; resisting progress; artificial intelligence; evolution of humans; downside of perfection; hyper senses; being hopeful; conflicts with religion; death; choosing to live or die; the yin and yang of life; conflict in utopia; natural disasters; malaria; sailing around the world; GPS and navigation; life or death situations; Vietnamese bomb diggers; his start in transhumanism; his book; running for president; population if no one died; downloading consciousness; virtual reality; bionic eyes; merging animal senses with humans; artificial implants; car technology; access to power; giving up freedoms; telepathy; language; voice recognition; cable and satellite television; cell phones; the cloud; robotic hearts; artificial blood cells; effect on sports; raising the quality of life; the internet connecting the world; John Zerzan; Unabomber; LSD; anti-technology movement; 3D printing; Magic Leap; electric vehicles; exoskeltons; artificial skin made with spider silk.

My Thoughts: This guy’s a little nutty but I like to think about technology and the possibilities for the future. Living forever isn’t that appealing, though. That means I’ll have to work forever to support myself since I can’t die? That doesn’t sound like fun. Downloading my consciousness into a computer I’m up for, so let’s get to work on that.

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