The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 891 with Zach Leary

Episode Number: 891
Episode Guest: Zach Leary
Original Airdate: December 27, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Zach Leary is a blogger, writer, futurist, spiritualist, digital branding specialist, and self-proclaimed social theorist. He also is the host of the It’s All Happening podcast available on iTunes and at

Topics Discussed: Being the son of Timothy Leary; virtual reality in the ’90s; doing a VR talk show; Archaic Revival book; replicating the DMT experience in VR; float/isolation tanks; John Lilly; ketamine; ketamine and float tanks; Zach tells a ketamine story; what ketamine is like; John Lilly got breast implants; marijuana legalization; CBD oil is now a schedule 1 drug; what would happen to the pharmaceutical industry if pot was legal; CIA drug jet crashes in Mexico with 4 tons of cocaine; Barry Seal; Michael Ruppert confronts CIA director about drug trafficking video; Philippine drug war; The House I Live In documentary; the war on drugs is a class war; Trump and racists; Jeff Sessions; Carrie Fisher’s death; George Michael’s death; losing fame; Gary Coleman was a security guard; a CVS cashier gave Joe a hard time about Fear Factor; Steve Jobs; religion and psychedelics; (1:00:00) did we invent God because of drugs; Young Jamie doesn’t get high off edibles; marijuana breath spray; Sam Harris talk; we are living in the most peaceful time; Minnesota mall terrorist taken down by firearms instructor; there are more guns than people in the US; Zach talks about eating meat; eating bad food at the airport; we have lost the connection to our food; growing your own food; Joe talks about Fritz Haber again; plant intelligence; plausible deniability; consumerism; Minimalism documentary and book; Hoarders TV show; people try to escape the moment; we are all babies who had babies; there are no grown-ups; interacting with people online; talk about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and comparing the two; Trump as president is negative progress; how many Trump voters have never had a psychedelic experience; influencers who haven’t had psychedelic experiences; people are afraid of change; nothing grows in the comfort zone; the fear of not being successful; acknowledging when we’ve made a mistake; taking money/lobbyists out of the political system; Republic Lost book; Lawrence Lessig TED Talk; Trump’s “Make America Great Again” hats; (2:00:00) being optimistic about the future; legal pot is the gateway towards change; why Zach doesn’t smoke pot; what psychedelics Zach does now; heroin talk; Zach talks about doing crack and trying to join the CIA; getting off crack; using acid to treat addiction; everyone is wired differently; what Zach does for money.

My Thoughts: Over two hours of drug, food industry, and political talk.

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