The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 1110 with Zach Bitter

Episode Number: 1110
Episode Guest: Zach Bitter
Original Airdate: April 26, 2018
Episode Sponsors: Onnit, Policy Genius, NetSuite

Guest Bio: Zach Bitter is an endurance athlete, ultramarathon runner, and coach.

Topics Discussed: Peter Attia; Zach talks about his history with running and working up to ultramarathons; he ran three 50-mile marathons in nine weeks; what was it about running that got him hooked; challenges are stimulating; the mind of an ultramarathoner is different from other people; talk about the marathons he’s competed in and won; there’s always something to learn about running; Courtney Dauwalter wants to run a 500-mile race; Madison Square Garden six-day bicycle race; running a marathon on a track vs. on a trail; preparing for an ultramarathon; he’s running marathons while following a ketogenic diet; talk about his diet in the past compared to now; Ben Greenfield; issues with swelling, lack of energy, trouble sleeping in the past due to his diet; Robb Wolf; his diet during training; monitoring his ketones; Ketonix ketone level analyzer; going in and out of ketosis; mixing exogenous ketones with carbs; what he eats while running a marathon; Xendurance Fuel-5; why he doesn’t consume fat during a race; he lives in Phoenix, Arizona; running in hot weather; Nathan hydration vest/backpack; why he moved to Phoenix; talk about his wife and running; Altra Vanish shoe; some people run marathons barefoot; Vibram shoes; Born to Run book; more talk about shoes and feet; Vivobarefoot shoes; Altra King MT shoe; Barefoot Ted; Dual Survivor TV show; (1:00:00) what goes wrong during a 100-mile race; bonking; he ran a 100-mile marathon in 11 hours; how Zach broke the 100-mile record article; peeing while running a marathon; shitting your pants while running; what his last meal before a marathon will typically be; carnivore diet; Jordan Peterson’s daughter Mikhaila; Shawn Baker; the carnivore diet is better than a vegan diet for some people; Chris Kresser; Courtney Dauwalter talk; Kilian Jornet Burgada; Kilian’s Instagram; marathons and men compared to women; pacing yourself during a marathon; heart rate; Moab 240 talk; peaking for a race; using CDB and edible marijuana during a run; drug testing and performance enhancing drugs in marathon running; there’s no supplement for the mind; article about running and marijuana; caffeine isn’t illegal during a competition; drinking soda or chocolate milk during/after a run; eating/drinking after a workout.

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