The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 856 with Tony Hinchcliffe and Young Jamie

Episode Number: 856
Episode Guest: Tony Hinchcliffe and Young Jamie
Original Airdate: October 6, 2016
Episode Sponsors:, Loot Crate, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Joe sits down to do a late-night audio-only podcast from a hotel room in Ohio with stand-up comedian, writer, and actor Tony Hinchcliffe, and JRE producer Young Jamie.

Topics Discussed: Donald Trump fat shaming Miss Universe; talk about Alicia Machado; Hillary’s anti-Trump commercials; more talk about Clinton/Trump; doing a debate companion podcast; talk about the Clinton/Trump debate; Hillary’s email server; House of Cards is happening for real; Brexit; immigration; how Trump speaks; more debate talk; why doesn’t Al Gore run for president; Trump is better than Ted Cruz; Ted Cruz kissing his daughter; Ted Cruz elbows wife; DNC email leak about Bernie Sanders; Bernie Sanders talk; universal basic income; Tony talks about having sex with black girls and they have warmer vaginas than white women; Joe talks about hooking up with a black woman; black women are freaks in bed; one day all races will mix into one blended race; you will be labeled a racist for joking about races; punching up/down in comedy; Russia is part of Asia; Egypt is part of Africa; Italy is close to Egypt; skin color and geography; computer programming in English; Esperanto; Pablo Escobar; talk about Hitler/Nazis fleeing to South America; indigenous Australian dialects; orang pendek; homo floresiensis; El Chapo being tortured in prison; more Escobar/Narcos talk; prescription pain pills are more widely used than tobacco; talk about Oxycontin; pharmaceutical company trying to block marijuana legalization in Arizona; Jamie talks about high school and having to take a conflict resolution class for dancing; country line dancing; flash mobs; naked bike rides; Tony had to take a shit while driving; pissing or shitting outside can get you labeled as a sex offender; why aren’t we allowed to be naked; girls are allowed to be topless in some states; it was once illegal for a man to go without a shirt; talk about nipples; what if men wore skirts; what if Tony shit in his car; shits that stick out of the water in the toilet; lighting a match after shitting; fecal transplants and gut bacteria; fluoride; our bodies are filled with bacteria; we’re made from stars exploding; Tony talks about doing mushrooms in Joshua Tree; animals at night; coyotes are wolves; prairie dogs; squirrels; mites; Border Security: Australia’s Front Line TV show; Australia and immigration; sizes of countries compared to one another; Indian porn; Chris Rock’s comedy special; Tony’s One Shot Netflix special and his next special; talk about The Comedy Store.

My Thoughts: The first half of the podcast is mostly talk about politics. The second half is entertaining and gets pretty ridiculous. There, of course, is talk about bears, coyotes, and other animals.

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