The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 865 with Wim Hof

Episode Number: 865
Episode Guest: Wim Hof
Original Airdate: October 24, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Onnit, LegalZoom, ZipRecruiter, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Wim Hof is a Dutch world record holder, adventurer, and daredevil, commonly nicknamed “The Iceman” for his ability to withstand extreme cold.

Topics Discussed: Wim is going to work with Tony Robbins; climbing Mount Kilimanjaro with a 76-year-old man; regenerating red blood cells through breathing; blood saturation above 100%; autoimmune diseases are caused by acidity; Wim fought off E. coli; Wim has 26 world records; overcoming fear; walking on hot coals; walking barefoot to release negative ions; walking/running barefoot in the cold; tapping into the brain to produce more adrenaline; how does breathing help; measuring and changing emotion in its chemical form; storing more oxygen than you’re using; exercising and depression; the scientific community is embracing what Wim is doing; breathing and hormones; adrenaline; fighters and adrenaline dumps; we don’t know how to handle danger anymore; Wim worked with Alistair Overeem; blood and alkaline levels; talk about Alistair’s recent fight against Stipe Miocic; can breathing help someone after multiple knockouts; working with people who have arthritis and Chron’s disease; how cold can help someone; what has happened with Wim during the past year since he was last on the podcast; Wim wants more scientific validation; Joe does deep breathing before going on stage; Wim has achieved higher levels of oxygen saturation in the blood than the scientific community previously thought possible; breathing and cancer; investigative journalist who thought Wim was a fake guru; guy who does 80 push-ups without breathing; Wim didn’t take malaria medication before travelling because he thinks he can fight it off; Wim talks about his son; cell phones and telepathy; Joe talks about a guy who thought he could communicate with animals telepathically; people can sense when someone is staring at them; Rupert Sheldrake; morphic resonance; Wim thinks his breathing exercises should be taught in schools; Wim tells a joke about an orangutan; elephant knocks guy out with his trunk video; more talk about doing push-ups; Joe talks about Louie Simmons; reverse hyper bench; Wim wants to do charity work; fear; Wim is going to help the homeless; society is too competitive; life goes by quickly; San Francisco and the homeless; Baltimore schools replace detention with meditation; talk about American schools and lack of creativity; what Wim used to do for work; Wim speaks many languages; Wim is now doing what he wanted to do; Wim had a traumatic birth which made a traumatic, psychic imprint on him and ultimately influenced his life; Wim has a twin brother; the negative effect of modern civilization on the body; Wim meditates in loud, busy cities; men are measured by what they give to others; Chris Ryan and his Sex at Dawn book.

My Thoughts: He’s a little hard to understand due to his thick accent. Lots of scientific talk about blood and alkaline and acidity that I couldn’t quite follow or understand. Talk about breathing, life, and other topics.

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