The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 930 with Will MacAskill

Episode Number: 930
Episode Guest: Will MacAskill
Original Airdate: March 13, 2017
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Guest Bio: Will MacAskill is a philosopher and notable figure within the effective altruism movement. He is a tutorial fellow in philosophy at Lincoln College, Oxford.

Topics Discussed: Effective altruism; Will donates everything he makes over $36,000 per year; we don’t need most of the stuff that we buy to be happy; rich people buying yachts; billion-dollar Streets of Monaco yacht; there are 1,800 billionaires in the world; money eliminates the stress of bills; talk about TV shows; what will does for money; ineffective charities; Homeopaths Without Borders; Kids Wish Network spends 99% of their funds on fundraising; good charities compared to bad; charities you shouldn’t donate too; Will has a compulsive personality; how he got into this line of work; Toby Ord; Will is concerned with artificial intelligence and technological progress; the future of humans; humans are flawed; what is valuable about life; conscious experiences; the experience machine and would you use it if it existed; artificial/virtual reality; simulation theory/hypothesis talk; there are different sizes of infinities; why are humans obsessed with technological progress; is something only real if we can touch and measure it; accessing other dimensions; consciousness; DMT and the pineal gland; holotropic breathing; we know nothing about consciousness; more DMT talk; DMT: The Spirit Molecule book; can consciousness travel through DMT; (1:00:00) how consciousness varies; what is the key to a happy life; creating a community; life is just a temporary ride, so why help anyone; reducing bad experiences; promote happiness and reduce suffering; maybe we haven’t been visited by aliens because artificial reality is the next level of life; Fermi paradox; maybe there aren’t aliens because evolving to a human is a nearly impossible process; infinity; maybe we are the most advanced life form in the universe; Graham’s number; more debate about whether we’re the only form of intelligent life; is it more important to get your own shit together or to travel the stars; colonizing Mars talk; NASA has no idea how many asteroid impacts have hit earth; Joe talks about Randall Carlson‘s theories about asteroid impacts; extinction events; Sapiens book; Blitzkrieg/overkill hypothesis; humans killing animals to extinction; reintroduction and cloning of extinct animals; bringing back mammoths could slow climate change; introduced species in Australia; Will is a vegetarian and thinks kangaroo is the most ethical animal to eat; wallabies in Britian; more kangaroo talk; Haast’s eagle; Tasmanian tiger; Will doesn’t eat anything with a brain; English cuisine; factory farming; hierarchy of animals; ag-gag laws; how factory farming has become mechanized; can we stop factory farming; Joe doesn’t understand why people won’t eat eggs and he talks about his chickens again; pig farm drone video; more talk about factory farming; Animal Liberation book; are pets slaves; (2:00:00) what if grocery stores and butcher shops showed videos of the animals being slaughtered to their customers; hunting compared to factory farming; some animal species populations need to be controlled; wild pigs create millions of dollars of damage in Riverside County; domestic pigs turn into wild pigs; scrub bulls; feeding our growing population; Joe talks about how hunters help to preserve animal species and conserve land; species ownership; lab-created meat talk; lab-grown burger now costs less than $12; there are as many animals in factory farms as there are humans on earth; looking for justification of evil behavior; Elon Musk says artificial intelligence is summoning a demon; are insects sentient; how the human race could kill itself today; Large Hadron Collider; words British people say differently than Americans; the Queen and the Monarchy; Scottish independence and Brexit talk; power of the European Union compared to America; more Brexit talk; you don’t have to be informed about what you’re voting on; should there be a test to vote; democracy; who voted for Trump; talk about the recent American election.

My Thoughts: If you like stoner talk about life, aliens, infinity, simulation theory, etc. you’ll enjoy the first half of this one. Talk about animals, factory farming, hunting, and meat for the second half. Some talk about European and American politics at the end.

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