The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 973 with Wheeler Walker, Jr.

Episode Number: 973
Episode Guest: Wheeler Walker, Jr.
Original Airdate: June 8, 2017
Episode Sponsors: Squarespace, Blue Apron, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Wheeler Walker, Jr. is an American country music singer-songwriter. His new album Ol’ Wheeler is out now on iTunes, and he also can be seen on tour later this summer.

Topics Discussed: Wheeler suffered exhaustion during his last tour; he threw up on himself; he couldn’t open a banana; he drove his car to the hospital and left it running and unlocked; running can help depression; CDs; Bluetooth in cars; Wheeler says podcasts are better than mainstream media for promotion; Wheeler sold more albums from doing Joe’s podcast than an artist does from doing Saturday Night Live; Wheeler says Sturgill Simpson isn’t affiliated with the CIA; Jason Isbell; Comey senate hearing; Nashville is trying to keep Wheeler down; Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone sang “Eatin’ Pussy, Kickin’ Ass” with Michael Madsen for a movie; mainstream media vs. podcasts; Wheeler was a hit on black social media; a YouTuber was playing Wheeler in his videos; PewDiePie’s Nazi shtick; Wheeler is banned from big box stores like Best Buy and Walmart; country fans still buy CDs; can he make a guy go homo with his “Which One o’ You Queers Gonna Suck My Dick” song; “Fuck You Bitch song; Guys We Fucked podcast; Wheeler has a podcast now; phone/Skype interviews; talk about his growing popularity; resurgence of country music; Chris Janson “Fix a Drink” song; people think he’s mocking rednecks; Saturday Night Live Trump in Kentucky sketch; we can’t stop non-politicians from becoming president; having a president is dumb; you can’t talk politics in country; Dixie Chicks’ “Not Ready to Make Nice” song; Trump grabbing pussy talk; did Trump copyright “grab ’em by the pussy”; fidget spinners; Showtime is filming a special about Wheeler; more Trump/Comey talk; newspaper biases; journalists; Kathy Griffin Trump beheading picture; Wheeler beheading Sam Hunt picture; people defending Kathy Griffin; Bill Maher dropping the “N bomb” on TV; no words are forbidden; censored versions of albums; Wheeler refused to do clean versions of his albums; (1:00:00) Cee Lo Green’s “Forget You”; Wheeler premiered his music on Pornhub; comments on porn videos; fake cum; he has no clean songs; a song of his gets played in Australia on the radio; legalized marijuana talk; Jeff Sessions wants to bring back “just say no”; politicians’ opinions aren’t real, they’re strategic; weed companies wanted to sponsor Wheeler’s tour; marijuana arrests; police officers have quotas to meet; someone invented LSD spray; people used to dose others with drugs in the past; Bill Cosby’s spanish fly joke; Bill Cosby talks about putting spanish fly in girls’ drinks; it’s not uncommon for girls to get drugged; woman drugged and robbed wealthy men she met in nightclub; Wheeler’s teacher uncle had to drug his students during class in the 1950s; Unabomber and Harvard LSD study; The Grateful Dead talk; listening to music stoned; Joe’s cousin was a “deadhead” and traveled with the band; spicy food talk; shitting in a urinal; finding a place to shit on the road; shitting in a gas station bathroom; gay guys and rest stops; truck drivers; luxury sleeper cabs for long haul truck drivers; there should be ergonomic car seats; guitarists have back problems; women with big tits get bad backs; imagine if your dick is so heavy it hurts; Milton Berle had a big dick; Milton Berle talks about his giant hog video; people in nursing homes fuck like animals thanks to Viagra; people trying to change a family member’s will to get money; his last record broke even; he sold over 50,000 physical copies of his album Redneck Shit; Wheeler explains how Spotify is fucking him over; Pandora or Spotify wanted Joe to put his podcasts on their service; what is the benefit of Spotify; Spotify won’t put him on the country playlist; Spotify removed album of silence that made a band $20,000; Spotify is just a distribution center; how much storage does YouTube use; YouTube flagging videos for copyright infringement; he owns all his music; Joe says he should do an online video series; comedy specials on Netflix; Wheeler got popular by word of mouth; Joe is surprised there isn’t anyone else doing what he’s doing; it’s weird when guys are singing his homosexual lyrics; he’s selling out shows everywhere.

My Thoughts: I love this guy. Buy his albums.

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