The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 829 with Wayne Federman

Episode Number: 829
Episode Guest: Wayne Federman
Original Airdate: August 2, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Onnit, BlueApron, MeUndies, MVMT Watches, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Wayne Federman is an American comedian, actor, author, comedy writer, and musician.

Topics Discussed: Someone stole Wayne’s Twitter handle; Joe bought the @joerogan Twitter handle; MySpace; “My Hope” ukulele song; The Dead Zone movie and book; Coyote America: A Natural and Supernatural History book; Joe starts talking about coyotes and wolves; Alaska and Hawaii; state flags; the six flags over Texas; the Confederate flag; state flag of Georgia; Lynyrd Skynyrd; Joe steers the conversation back towards coyotes; Wayne only reads non-fiction books; television is better than movies; breasts on Game of Thrones; “The Imperial March” song isn’t in the original Star Wars; old friends; moving as a child; Joe got his confidence from martial arts; Joe took over-the-counter steroids from GNC; tainted supplements and the UFC; sleep; working out in the morning; exercise talk; The Power of Now book; Stephen King is the worst audiobook narrator; Joe Hill; Joe Hill movie; Elvis Presley; Jimi Hendrix mugshot; the truth about Rosa Parks and the bus; stagecoaches; the Wild West wasn’t that long ago; the Donner Party; fireworks; feeling fortunate to be American; Joe spoke to someone in Italy who wants to move to the United States; Joe’s family came to the USA from Italy; Joe talks about visiting the Vatican; Steve Jobs and Apple talk; Apple stores vs. Microsoft stores; Windows computers; Windows vs. Apple talk; Zero Days Stuxnet documentary; Weiner Anthony Weiner documentary; politicians are freaks; more Anthony Weiner talk; Merchants of Doubt documentary; more Weiner talk; Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton talk; Melania Trump girl-on-girl photos; more Trump/Clinton talk; Gov. Gary Johnson; third-party candidates and the two-party system; Michael “Venom” Page talk; Joe explains point karate fighting; Michael “Venom” Page vs. Raymond Daniels karate match video; Cyborg Santos’ crushed skull; Anderson Silva’s broken leg; Joe is used to seeing people get injured; more Cyborg Santos skull talk; Heath Herring face-off kiss knockout video; fighters who don’t look at their opponents during a face-off; Crocop vs. Wanderlei Silva staredown; Crocop vs. Wanderlei knockout; other sports Joe likes; soccer; pound-for-pound best fighters; weight classes; weigh-in procedures; Justin Scoggins vs. Ian McCall weigh-in; what is straw; weight classes and limits; Butterbean; Joe talks about his early years when he was fighting and learning various martial arts; Joe talks about doing yoga; Wayne talks about playing musical instruments; talk about a piano at The Comedy Store; Chronicles of Federman album; jai alai talk; Wayne talks about going to school and graduating in Flordia; Wayne and Joe talk about doing TV together; NewsRadio talk; talk about television in the ’90s; Joe talks again about Dave Foley and his divorce and alimony payments; Joe explains ayahuasca and DMT to Wayne; Joe is not interested in trying stimulants; talk about drinking alcohol; talk about MDMA and Joe’s negative experience with it; talk about ayahuasca shaman; more of Joe explaining and describing DMT; Wayne talks about eating magic mushrooms on a Big Mac; you shouldn’t eat meat before doing mushrooms; Joe explains to Wayne that he didn’t eat enough mushrooms and that he needs to eat at least five grams; they debate about the taste of mushrooms; gefilte fish; fermented shark; Wayne’s diet; discipline; comedians who don’t write new material; Eddie Murphy caught with a transsexual prostitute; quality of video cameras today; Elvis Presley talk; drugs in the ’50s; Freddie Mercury; Wayne talks about seeing Queen perform “Bohemian Rhapsody” live; Caitlyn Jenner; talk about changing genders; Bruce Jenner killed someone; actors are ridiculous; making fun of Caitlyn Jenner; punching down; recreational outrage; there should be nothing off limits in comedy; Daniel Tosh rape controversy; Joe doesn’t regret any of the bits he’s written in the past; Joe records every set he does and listens to them on the way home; Wayne talks about a podcast he used to do; Joe doesn’t listen to (m)any of the JRE podcasts.

My Thoughts: It takes Joe just a couple of minutes before he starts talking about wolves and coyotes. Lots of MMA and fighting talk. Wayne is almost interviewing Joe and asking him all the questions.

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