The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 832 with Vinny Shoreman

Episode Number: 832
Episode Guest: Vinny Shoreman
Original Airdate: August 10, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Ting, LegalZoom, ZipRecruiter, Onnit

Guest Bio: Vinny Shoreman is a mind coach and kickboxing and Muay Thai commentator and coach.

Topics Discussed: Timeline therapy; hypnosis; why he works as a hypnotist and mind coach; helping people; working with Joe Schilling; realizing what’s fucking with you; living in the moment; problems with religion; settling your mind to get a few moments of peace; most people are prisoners of doubt and fear; embracing the uncertainty of life; talk about Holly Holm’s recent losses in the UFC; nerves and self-doubt; fighting and personal problem solving; mindset of police officers; neuro-linguistic programming; learning from experiences; you don’t have to fuck people over to be successful; playing it safe; you need to support yourself; Jon Jones testing positive for cocaine a few weeks before a fight; Vinny talks about meeting Jon Jones and how weird he was; Jon surrounds himself with the wrong people; talk about Jon Jones’ past fights; fighters and impulse control problems; more talk about Jon Jones and his fall from the top; distractions; Ronda Rousey talk; buying into your own hype; fighting is hard; rich and famous people with entourages; sticking to your goals; how people perceive time; people are constantly changing; Vinny takes tumeric for his arthritis; fish oil; Tiger Balm; inflammation; doctors dismissing dietary solutions; push-back from pharmaceutical companies about legalized marijuana; legality of marijuana in England; positive thinking; we have more things to think and worry about; people posting bad things online; talk about John Wayne Parr and his family; people aren’t living fulfilled, happy existences; Joe’s “be the hero of your own movie” video; Idris Elba wants to fight; Mohamed Jaraya vs. Nordin Ben Moh fight; Badr Hari talk; Rico Verhoeven talk; Badr Hari vs. Remy Bonjasky fight; (Vinny tries to hypnotize Joe); archery and target panic; hakalau; tunnel vision; Joe talks about watching a street fight; how hakalau would apply to archery and hunting; why is expanding your peripheral vision calming; getting out of your own way; more talk about archery; performing under extreme pressure; positive affirmation; setting your intention; changing the language of the way you speak to yourself; practice; thinking is a skill; Vasyl Lomachenko; gymnastics, yoga, and ballet for improving fighting skills; Gennady Golovkin; Sergey Kovalev; Andre Ward; more talk about expanding peripheral vision; why Asians are bad drivers; Hong Kong is different from mainland China; talk about commentating fights; Michael Schiavello; Muay Thai kickboxing talk; Muay Thai rules compared to Glory kickboxing; traditionalism is holding back Muay Thai’s popularity; more kickboxing talk; Giorgio Petrosyan; fighting southpaw; women’s MMA; Joanna Jedrzejczyk; what Muay Thai needs to do to become more popular.

My Thoughts: Lots of woo-woo talk about hypnotism and positive thinking throughout the podcast. Lots of fighting and archery talk during the second half.

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