The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 1162 with Valentine Thomas

Episode Number: 1162
Episode Guest: Valentine Thomas
Original Airdate: August 27, 2018
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Guest Bio: Valentine Thomas is a former lawyer and financier who quit to pursue a sustainable quest for happiness as a spearfisherwoman.

Topics Discussed: She brought whiskey and fish to the podcast; pronunciation of her name; she used to be a lawyer before becoming a spearfisherwoman; when she decided to quit law; Quebec is very European; Joe Beef restaurant; how she got into spearfishing; her first time spearfishing; visiting Ascension Island for spearfishing; Predator movie; freediving and holding her breath; killing her first fish; black jack fish; her Instagram; Chilean sea bass; she was hooked on spearfishing immediately; Joe was also hooked to hunting immediately; feeling like part of the ecosystem; putting yourself outside of your comfort zone and feeling like you’re not top of the food chain; she sold everything and moved away; losing a sponsorship with The Wall Street Journal because spearfishing doesn’t align with ocean conservation; (they watch a commercial sea fishing video); commercial sea fishing is destructive to the environment; spearfishing isn’t allowed in Canada; people want to think everyone else is doing things wrong; rules for fishing in Florida; humans were made for holding our breath underwater; mammalian diving reflex; dolphins may have remains of legsaquatic ape theory; she can hold her breath for 5.5 minutes; yoga and meditation are close to freediving; she could only hold her breath for about a minute at first; her breathing techniques; the human body is designed to go underwater; she felt spearfishing was what she was meant to do and changed her perspective, making her humble and it changed her way of thinking; we’re not designed to live in cities and keep to ourselves as a result; people feel lonely in cities despite being surrounded by people; humans have reward systems that aren’t being met; she still hasn’t found a place to live; she’s been living in the Bahamas for a year; how she’s making money and monetizing her Instagram; she worked with a cruise ship company before being let go; farmed salmon is dyed pink; talk about catching wild salmon; catching your own food is seen as taboo; there are only roughly 1,000,000 spearfisherman in the United States; (1:00:00) fishing is fun but stressful; getting approached by sharks in the Bahamas; Texas shark bite victim being treated for flesh-eating bacteria; her worst encounter in the water was with a tiger shark; when did people want to protect sharks; New York governor makes people angry after catching shark; shark fin soup; outrage over catching sharks; killing of Harambe; people get mad about bear hunting because bears are cute; talk about the hypocrisy of people who eat fish/meat but get angry about hunting; talk about the commercial fishing industry; it’s crazy that it’s possible to outfish the ocean; fishing regulations; Joe explains market hunting; Pittman-Robertson act; fishing in Florida; more talk about commercial fishing; people are fucking up the world too fast; the ocean is running out of fish; farming fish; chronic wasting disease; fish diseases; worms in fish; trichinosis; spearfishing burns a lot of calories; Marshall Islands; is it possible to restock the ocean with fish; NASCAR driver loses sponsorship over a racist thing his father said 35 years before; companies are cowards and are afraid of social media; companies are afraid of short-term income loss; we live in an era where we’re told everything we do is wrong; Starbucks eliminating straws from its stores; California wants to ban plastic straws; she’s trying to figure out how to make a living from spearfishing; she wants to write a book; she’d rather make less money doing something she wants to do; she lived in her car for a while; Joe thinks she’s courageous for doing what she’s passionate about; giving talks at conferences is something that interests her; she’s going to be on a French-language TV show; she is ambitious and has plans; she’s never regretted her decision to quit her previous life; discovering yourself; she doesn’t want to do a scripted reality television show; Joe talks about how hard bowhunting is; Joe looks at hunting differently from most people; people think it’s hypocritical to hunt animals while saying you love them; vegans get mad at Joe for practicing bowhunting; you don’t change people’s opinions by being an asshole online; she understands people’s outrage; Joe talks about the fist time he killed a deer; the eyes and teeth of a tuna; (2:00:00) shooting fish with a speargun; fish and blood; soaking fish in milk; how she cooks fish; she enjoys cooking less since becoming a spearfisherwoman; Hank Shaw’s books on cooking wild game; she didn’t like spearfishing at first and was very nervous; she was lost at sea once in Mexico and tells the story; freediving blackout; Joe talks about his experiences with kratom and other opiates; she talks about being on morphine in the hospital; more people should chase their dreams.

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The Complete Guide to Hunting, Butchering, and Cooking Wild Game: Volume 2: Small Game and Fowl
Rinella, Steven (Author); English (Publication Language); 384 Pages - 12/01/2015 (Publication Date) - Random House (Publisher)
$28.00 −$6.51 $21.49

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Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand); Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carl Weathers, Jesse Ventura (Actors)

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