The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 1008 with Cody Garbrandt and Urijah Faber

Episode Number: 1008
Episode Guest: Cody Garbrandt and Urijah Faber
Original Airdate: September 5, 2017
Episode Sponsors: Onnit, UFC 215, Lyft, DraftKings

Guest Bio: Cody Garbrandt is a mixed martial artist and UFC bantamweight champion. Urijah Faber is a retired mixed martial artist who fought as a bantamweight and featherweight in the UFC.

Topics Discussed: Urijah’s teeth; not having to worry about cutting weight anymore; his retirement; losing two fights in a row for the first time; guys moving from the UFC to Bellator; Team Alpha Male (TAM); Lance Palmer; MMA win/lose purses for fighting; boxing judges judging MMA; Urijah talks about an early fight where he cut his head open on the cage; when Cody joined TAM; Chris Holdsworth; Urijah had a block of houses he rented out; Sacramento; Cody is a UFC champion now; Joe thinks athletes need to run; Dan Henderson never ran; sparring in camp leading up to a fight; running and endurance; finding what works best for you; Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather, Jr. talk; “fatigue makes cowards of us all”; Dominick Cruz talk; Cody doing The Ultimate Fighter with TJ Dillashaw and almost fighting each other; Urijah did the only live season of The Ultimate Fighter with Dominick Cruz; living in Las Vegas; the new TAM gym; Cody and staph infection; Defense soap; Cody’s diet; Onnit krill oil; Carlsons fish oil; Urijah also has a UFC gym; Bob Arum says the UFC is the enemy of boxingCanelo Alvarez vs. Gennady Golovkin talk; Dana White doesn’t give a fuck; Jon Jones’ positive drug test; why do people like Jon Jones; why do people boo Daniel Cormier; was Jon Jones taking steroids the whole time; (1:00:00) there was no drug testing when Urijah started fighting; he had to fight on Indian reservations because MMA was illegal; Native Americans and casinos; Native Americans have special rules for hunting; 99% of the meat Joe eats is meat he’s killed; vegans are the minority but very vocal; vegans who feed their pets vegan food; Uriah talks about trying stand-up comedy; Urijah’s home invasion shit Snapchat story; talk about TAM and training programs; cupping; talk about hyperbaric chambers; Lyme disease; alpha-gal allergy from lone star tick bites; floating in isolation tanks; Urijah finds it hard to relax; Urijah has to be careful about what he eats now; Urijah Faber grappling Paulo Miyao; Jeff Glover; Chad Mendes tapped Jeff Glover; Michael McDonald; shit-talking Dominick Cruz; Cody says Dominick is an athlete not a fighter; talk about Cody’s fight with Dominick; what went down with TJ Dillashaw leaving Team Alpha Male to train with Duane Ludwig; TJ has a bad temper and would hit guys with dirty cheap shots during training; they say TJ concussed Chris Holdsworth during training with knees to the back of the head; Conor McGregor called TJ a “snake in the grass”; what it’s like now to have to fight TJ; Cody has a video of him knocking out/dropping TJ in training but he won’t release it; Cody talks about crying during training; sparring talk; Donald Cerrone doesn’t spar anymore; more talk about training; more TJ talk; (2:00:00) a lot of fighters are prima donnas; Justin Buchholz; talk about cornering a young TAM fighter; Yair Rodriguez is staying with Urijah; more Yair talk; Darren Elkins; footwork; Master Thong moved back to Thailand; Sage Northcutt talk; how training camps are organized; Cody talks about tracking his heart rate during training; Cody’s plans for the future; Cody’s injuries; he got stem cell treatments for an injury; interim titles in the UFC; Demetrious Johnson refusing to fight TJ Dillashaw; more Jon Jones failed drug tests talk; professional fighters are reckless yet disciplined; someone could have tainted Jon’s food/drink to make him test positive; fighting people you like; Cody doesn’t want to shake hands or touch gloves before a fight; Dominick Cruz blocked Cody on social media; Cody talks about almost fighting Jeremy Stephens; more Dominick Cruz talk; Conor McGregor’s dick bulge; Ricardo Lopez; boxing records compared to MMA records; Bellator’s roster is getting stacked with ex-UFC fighters; Rory MacDonald talk; Lorenz Larkin talk; Ben Askren retiring; Urijah is still being tested by USADA; he thinks he’s a better fighter today; people tried to talk Urijah into taking performance enhancing drugs.

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