The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 862 with Trevor Valle

Episode Number: 862
Episode Guest: Trevor Valle
Original Airdate: October 19, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Onnit, Squarespace, LegalZoom, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Trevor Valle is field paleontologist, scientist, and show host.

Topics Discussed: Trevor dyes his goatee; Geeky Jerseys; dress codes; people don’t know what a paleontologist does; arguing with flat earth truthers; Richard Hoagland‘s theories; face on Mars; chemtrails; Christians Against Dinosaurs; debate on whether dinosaurs had feathers; feathered dinosaurs; fossils aren’t bones; how we know what dinosaurs look like; we likely won’t ever find a fully intact Tyrannosaurus Rex; how they look for fossils; how many people are looking for dinosaur fossils; more people need to become paleontologists; “paleo diet” is the wrong name for it and it angers Trevor; eating crickets; what paleontologists are looking for; we are are closer in time to the Tyrannosaurus Rex than the Tyrannosaurus Rex was to the Stegosaurus; Cleopatra is closer in time to the iPhone than the building of the pyramids; woolly mammoths were alive during the construction of the pyramids; many species have survived thousands of years; should we help animals live or let them die; we are approaching idiocracy; kraken; kraken fossils found; colossal squid; Greeks once thought mammoth bones belonged to a cyclops; we know more about Mars than the ocean; James Cameron exploring the ocean; SCUBA diving; exploring Mars; Nikola Tesla was crazy; Trevor debunks and rants about the “Dinosaurs Never Existed” video; the stupid minority has a voice now thanks to the internet; Mary Anning; the bone wars; talk about the early discovery and confusion of dinosaur fossils; how fossils are protected and a skeleton is formed for display; Trevor found a whale in downtown Los Angeles; regular people find dinosaur fossils all the time; more ranting and debunking of video; museums aren’t making a lot of money; dinosaurs don’t generate lots of money; dinosaur popularity ebbs and flows; Trevor has to work as a bartender because he doesn’t make enough money as a paleontologist; talk about crazy conspiracy theorists and other crazy people; Nancy Lieder and Nibiru; Planet X; Eddie Bravo thinks satellites don’t exist; critical thinking vs. finding patterns; more talk about chemtrail conspiracy theorists; how to be “woke as fuck”; Joe wishes Bigfoot and Nibiru are real; war; humans are good at adapting; talk about Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and the election; Billy Bush was fired from the Today show; Joe wouldn’t check Trump for “grabbing pussy” comment but Trevor would; Sarah Palin talk; Oregon standoff; talk about buffalo/bison in North America; impact of humans on the planet; American Prairie Reserve talk; reintroducing animals; cloning the woolly mammoth; 95% of all animals ever have gone extinct; cassowary; cassowary attack video; terror bird; Coyote America book; bobcats; coyotes and wolves; African wild dog; patterns and coloring of animals; Ray Comfort; Kirk Cameron and his movies; Creation Museum; we’re on a path to enlightenment; it’s “cool” to be a conspiracy theorist; Trevor likes trolling the trolls; Institute for Creation Research; homeopathy; astrological signs; astrologers and mediums are magicians; gallium spoon melting; ancient civilizations that predicted cycles of humanity; vomitorium; Trevor talks about visiting Jerusalem; atheism vs. agnosticism; Jurassic World movie talk and Trevor’s issues with it; social justice warriors; there’s no racial slur for white people; white privilege; institutional racism; gentrification; it’s up to us to fix our problems with our neighborhoods, communities, and the world; hipsters; car record players.

My Thoughts: This was actually an entertaining podcast. Talk about dinosaurs, conspiracy theorists, animals, and other stuff. I can’t get behind wearing a hockey jersey around instead of a real shirt, though.

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