The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 765 with Tovar Cerulli

Episode Number: 765
Episode Guest: Tovar Cerulli
Original Airdate: February 24, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Casper, LegalZoom, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Tovar Cerulli is a “vegan-turned-hunter”, environmentalist, and author. His book The Mindful Carnivore is available via Amazon.

Topics Discussed: How much grief did he take from going from being vegan to a hunter; what made him want to switch from being vegan to vegetarian then to hunter and meat eater; realizing a diet that doesn’t include animal products still involves the killing of animals; eating eggs is the easiest and most cruelty-free way to get animal protein; deer in Vermont; trying to hunt but not finding any deer; working up to and preparing for killing his first deer; the challenge of learning to hunt as an adult; Joe learning to hunt; interest in primitive lifestyles and learning how to take care of yourself; forgetting where things come from; most wild animals die young; you can still learn how to live off all the food you find/grow/kill yourself; writing his book and finding other people who followed the same path; how and why did his diet change; getting protein following a vegan diet; there are very few complete proteins in plant form; Rich Roll; vegan bodybuilders and steroids; the difficulty of getting everything your body needs when you’re a vegan; Travis Barker (Blink-182) went back to eating meat to help his body heal after surviving a plane crash; more talk about his diet; the bizarre experience of eating meat again; if you’re eating commercial grain, you’re part of massive animal death; how we prepare and bury a dead human body; deer eat birds; deer and antlers; ethics of the clean kill in hunting; Philip Demers; dolphins and whales in captivity is slavery; people who think it’s fine to kill ugly animals or fish; fishing; does he get all his meat from hunting; the spiritual connection between you and the meat that you’ve killed; cities are unusual and alien; waste from our cities pours into oceans and can get swimmers and surfers sick; Joe’s first animal kill; unconscious reward systems; men won’t understand the desire to have a baby; women hunters and sexism in hunting; Cecil the Lion; trophy hunting and not eating the meat you kill; New Zealand; anthropomorphism of animals; hunters need to express what’s meaningful about hunting; passionate vegans who are new to veganism; our removal from nature and the need to reconnect; eating meat helped develop our brains; martin chased by a rabbit video; we never see animals kill other animals; bear kills moose in driveway video; our moral framework doesn’t apply in the wild; Zimbabwe to cull 200 lions; deer in the suburbs; deer carry ticks and Lyme disease; breeding deer for their antlers; guys who want to collect dead animals; how hunters are portrayed in movies; people who don’t understand why hunters want to hunt; posing for pictures with animals you’ve killed; being attacked by animals while you’re hunting; Diet of Souls documentary; the hierarchy of animals; Native American and ancient European cultures and their reverence for animals; what year was the first vegan; the history of veganism; vegan carnivores go blind; cats need meat; cats are vicious; cats kill billions of birds and mammals each year; cats eat their owners if they die; our pets become family; Penn and Teller Bullshit! TV episode on PETA; bears are cannibals; systems to ensure we stay together and breed; beauty in watching animals kill each other; beauty in nature; komodo dragons; the biodiversity of the world; the disservice we have done to ourselves by creating cities; we’ve forgotten that we’re a part of this wild world; leisure time now vs. then; people take up hunting to reconnect with nature; Last Child in the Woods book; The Nature Principal book; we all need nature for our spiritual health; the more high tech we get, the more we need outdoor experiences; what is sanity; to be healthy we need to connect with the earth; killing his first deer; butchering a deer for the first time felt familiar; hunting is genetically imprinted in us; how the experience of hunting is for him now; feeling grateful; sharing meat with friends; does he do much hunting outside of Vermont; his hunting is almost entirely for food; traditional subsistence cultures love to hunt; people who sadistically enjoy hunting is problematic; Woman the Hunter book; hunting doesn’t have to be motivated by feelings of sexual inadequacies; what’s surprised him about hunting and writing the book; the intelligence of plants.

My Thoughts: Entirely about hunting, nature, and at times, about being a vegan/vegetarian. Not as difficult to get through as some of his hunting podcasts, but there’s nothing here if you have no interest in those podcasts.

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