The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 586 with the Cast of Kill Tony: Tony Hinchcliffe, Sara Weinshenk, Kimberly Congdon, Brian Redban

Episode Number: 586
Episode Guest: The cast of Kill Tony: Tony Hinchcliffe, Sara Weinshenk, Kimberly Congdon, and Brian Redban
Original Airdate: December 11, 2014
Episode Sponsors: DraftKings, LegalZoom, Blue Apron, Onnit

Guest Bio: Kill Tony is a podcast on the network, created by Tony Hinchcliffe and Brian Redban. Young comedians do one minute of stand-up to be judged by weekly guests. Every episode also features Kimberly Congdon and Sara Weinshenk, two regulars who perform a brand new minute each week.

Topics Discussed: Starting out as a comedian; about the show; analyzing material; rewriting old bits; writing process; timing; The Comedy Store; Roast Battle; Richard Pryor; Gene Wilder; Quentin Tarantino talking black video; Tarantino’s movie theater; Pulp Fiction; Death Proof; corn; GMOs; King Corn documentary; hole in cow’s stomach; comedy in Los Angeles; hack comedy; hackey premises; Joey Diaz; inspiration; actors; acting auditions; Mormon porn; mental age; stomach problems; strip club comedy; Thunderpussy comedy show; quitting your day job; The Berenstain Bears; polar bear hair; waterslides; peeing in pools; Sony leaks; North Korea; Kevin Hart; comedy festivals; Dave Foley; Sinbad; video vs. audio podcasts; groupies; similar jokes; girls in comedy; Ferguson; killer cops; poor communities; prisons; smoking; The Twilight Zone TV show; Richard Pryor; The Comedy Store; Stephen Collins from 7th Heaven; huffing; sense of smell; dumb blondes; Mitzi Shore; Denver; weed in Washington, DC; teen boners; abstinence; tambourines; Lil Jon; sunglasses at night; Rod Stewart; dating; bitcoin; raising kids.

My Thoughts: With all the guests I expected them all to talk over one another, but Tony doesn’t say a whole lot and neither do the girls. The conversation actually stalls at a few points, but as Joe typically does, he keeps it going by asking questions and encouraging the guests to talk.

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