The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 1165 with Tom Papa

Episode Number: 1165
Episode Guest: Tom Papa
Original Airdate: August 31, 2018
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Guest Bio: Tom Papa is a comedian, actor, writer, and television/radio host. His new show Baked premieres on the Food Network Monday, September 3rd, 2018 at 10 PM.

Topics Discussed: Tiny houses; 320 sq. ft. tiny cabin in Big Bear video; kids growing up and leaving the home; people with lots of dogs but no kids; why do people always want more; things don’t necessarily make you happier; being rich and famous doesn’t make you happy; Jim Carrey’s art; does art impact people and bring about change; Tiny Fey as Sarah Palin video; The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Netflix show; Sarah Palin hunting caribou; Joe talks about bowhunting vs. shooting a rifle; Lester Holt’s fudged Trump interview; referring to Trump as POTUS; Trump has his own merch; Pence is a nut; Romney is a Mormon; Tom’s new Food Network show Baked; Tom brought elk antlers for Joe’s dog Marshall; Joe talks about his dog and running with him; getting bit by a rattlesnake; disgusting pictures of a guy’s arm after being bit by a rattlesnake (very graphic); Joe ran over a rattlesnake when running; more talk about his dogs; pitbulls are bred to fight; more talk about pitbulls and their behavior; bullmastiff dogs; Joe talks about his dog Johnny Cash getting sick and being put down; letting your dog in the pool; unread emails in your inbox; Joe coughs a lot after running earlier in the day; video games could be part of the Olympics; Joe thinks the Olympics is dirty because the athletes don’t get paid; wrestling dropped (then reinstated) from Olympics; is playing video games a sport, and are players athletes; sports no one cares about unless they’re part of the Olympics; Joe thinks archery is a martial art; shooting a gun is a sport to Joe; John Wick movies; Keanu Reeves riding a horse for John Wick 3; Road House movie; (1:00:00) more talk about the John Wick movies; Tom Cruise does his own stunts; thetans; Going Clear documentary and book; Dianetics book; Wild Wild Country Netflix documentary series; The Art of Living and Dying book; Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh; greed is a demon and corrupts people; people want sex, power, money, and celebrity; yoga instructors are slimy; yoga guru Bikram Choudhury accused of sexual assault and rape; people in positions of power having sex with their students; age of consent laws; Asia Argento accused of sexual assault, paid off her accuser; rape victims being friendly with their rapists afterwards; Joe would get hit on by other guys at a gym; girls have to worry about men, but men don’t have to worry about women; Disclosure movie; cassettes; digital media; all our information is digital and insecure; Robert Schoch podcast; solar events and flares; the sun compared to the size of the earth; Himawari-8 Japanese satellite; solar power cars; all known asteroids in the solar system video; stopping an asteroid from hitting earth; Deep Impact movie; Armageddon movie; Kyle Dunnigan’s Louis CK faceswap Instagram video; Tom Papa was roommates with Louis CK in New York; Louis CK’s return to stand-up comedy; talk about men vs. women in the comedy scene; Matt Lauer sexual harassment allegations; Bill Cosby could be the worst serial rapist in history; redemption for men accused of sexual assault/harassment allegations; Joe thinks Louis CK isn’t bad, just a weird pervert; what it must feel like for a woman in the comedy scene; emotionally charged situations are good for public discourse; men are aggressive animals; drunk guys getting in fights if they can’t get laid; Tom talks about a gym for gay guys (David Barton Gym) with flattering lighting; some people are ugly and have bad genetics; BBC slammed for casting an able-bodied person in the role of The Elephant Man; Vito’s Pizza; Joe talks about his diet and being in ketosis; carbs make you feel “foggy” mentally; Joe loves linguine and clams and talks about food he ate in Italy; Valentine Thomas; the oceans are being over-fished; (2:00:00) deer are like farm animals today because they’re eating genetically modified corn; JOE TELLS THE Fritz Haber STORY AGAIN; Radiolab “The Bad Show” podcast episode; more Fritz Haber talk; Haber gold process; talk about cows and methane; Mikhaila Peterson and her carnivore diet; self-driving trucks and the loss of truck driving jobs; Bernie Sanders is going to come on Joe’s podcast; universal basic incomeTesla semi truck; Tom talks about driving a Tesla through Yosemite; Tom has a 1967 Volkswagen Beetle; Tom talks about meeting Smokey Robinson and opening for him; rock stars; more Smokey Robinson talk; importance of exercise; Lady Gaga; there aren’t any really old touring comics today; Bob Newhart; Joe and Bill Burr wanted to see Bill Cosby do stand-up before the rape allegations came out; Tom talks about seeing Cosby perform; Bill Cosby performing at a barbershop video; Cosby thought dressing up on stage was a crutch for a comedian; Hannibal Buress kindled the Cosby firestorm; murder of Ennis Cosby, Bill’s only son; Cosby’s honorary doctorate/degrees; Tom is a minister and has performed four weddings; Chris Rock’s divorce; more talk about his show Baked and where they went to film episodes; Tom is good friends with Seinfeld; he drove one of Seinfeld’s Porsches that’s worth a million dollars; (they look at pictures of Seinfeld’s cars); Joe was on an episode of Jay Leno’s Garage; modernizing an older car; Jay Leno has multiple airplane hangers full of cars; Joe’s podcast with Jay Leno; Tom tells a story about seeing Leno on the highway; Jay Leno’s Garage is better than The Tonight Show; Seinfeld rolled one of his cars; Leno rolled one of his cars, too; it’s good to have obsessive hobbies; it’s hard to roll a car; it’s not good to do one thing all the time; failure is good for you; baking is one of Tom’s first hobbies; he’s starting to write; Garrison Keillor fired for inappropriate behavior; Tom’s book Your Dad Stole My Rake; writing stand-up vs. writing a book; Joe uses the Scrivener software for writing his bits; talk about writing; talk about Tom’s show Baked.

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