The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 746 with TJ Kirk

Episode Number: 746
Episode Guest: TJ Kirk
Original Airdate: January 12, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Caveman Coffee, Onnit,, NatureBox

Guest Bio: TJ Kirk is a professional ranter, author, and the creator of the YouTube channel The Amazing Atheist. He is also a co-host of The Drunken Peasants podcast which is available for download via iTunes.

Topics Discussed: Adderall; why can’t you legally try drugs but can buy alcohol; first time trying alcohol; pissing your pants while drunk; why do we want to puke when we see someone else puke; colonics; acupuncture; changing your mind; Christopher Hitchens being called a misogynist; people saying they’re victims; men get screwed when a couple gets divorced; why is gender such an issue; TJ being hit on by an older co-worker; we need to address people as individuals; Joe learning about the word “nigger” when he was little; diversity in Star Trek; Star Trek was a bad TV show; Star Trek alien fight video; other Star Trek TV series; The Hustler movie; Jackie Gleason; Smokey and the Bandit movie; Sally Field; Mary Ann from Gilligan’s Island; Cum for Bigfoot erotic bigfoot books; bronies; furries; otherkin; gender pronouns; Donald Trump needs to take mushrooms; who will become the next president; people find others online who share their views; Hillary Clinton; the two-party system; the presidential candidates; Joe’s issues with Bernie Sanders; raising minimum wage; benefits of marijuana legalization in Colorado; making other drugs legal; raising taxes for the rich; problems with the government that need to be resolved; merging the dollar and peso into one currency; opening the borders; Canadians are nicer than Americans; Boston accents; saying “y’all”; black guys have bigger dicks; how TJ got started making YouTube videos; what would he be doing if not making YouTube videos; YouTube commenters; critiquing someone else’s work; does he think there is a God; what happens when you die; DMT: The Spirit Molecule book; reincarnation and living life over again; The Global Brain book; global extinction events; California is due for an earthquake; Joe is thinking about moving to downtown Los Angeles; embracing and accepting death; The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead TV shows; men’s rights activists; garters; the types of girls TJ is attracted to; Brigitte Neilsen; social justice warriors; wage gaps between men and women; a real estate agent who met a friend of Joe naked in a bathtub in a house he was looking at and what would happen if a man did the same thing; male feminists; why do people need to be in cliques; communication is better today; drunk people having sex with each other and women saying they were raped; gender is a hot-button issue; Milo Yiannopoulos losing his Twitter verification; violating the terms of service on a website; male privilege; problems Donald Trump would solve if he was president; China is a dangerous place; Trump supporters are strange; Obama’s accomplishments as president; lazy people; poor people aren’t all bad; Bill Hicks; success; dealing with pressure; Elvis Presley; Extreme Elvis; TJ is consistently late and irresponsible; doing a podcast over Skype; Kim Dotcom; Larry Flynt; Soaked in Bleach documentary; Kurt Cobain’s death and the police investigation; “10 False Rape Accusations” video; Henry Lee Lucas; Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer movie; police seizures; TJ talks about his con man father; the death of his father and praying; atheism plus; bullying and shaming; Milo’s religious beliefs; Milo getting unverified from Twitter; Twitter is a cool community; people trying to steal TJ’s thunder and identify themselves as his enemy; what videos he’s done that have pissed people off the most; making fun of things; otherkin; golfing and guys who bring their wives golfing; guys who bring their girlfriends everywhere; phasing out the Amazing Atheist name; Garth Brooks’ alter ego Chris Gaines.

My Thoughts: Never heard of this guy before. Lots of gender/SJW talk.

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