The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 971 with Steven Rinella

Episode Number: 971
Episode Guest: Steven Rinella
Original Airdate: June 6, 2017
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Guest Bio: Steven Rinella is an outdoorsman, author, and television host. He currently hosts MeatEater on the Sportsman Channel and Netflix, and a podcast also called MeatEater available on Apple Podcasts and Stitcher.

Topics Discussed: Guyana and the Jonestown Massacre; how Guyana has changed in the five years between his visits; cassava; talk about how cassava juice is poison; talk about Guyana and the communities and government; language barriers; video of a guy talking about killing a jaguar; Jim Jones talk; people in Guyana aren’t aware of Jonestown; agriculture there; they make arrows from plants; types of arrows they make and how they make them; they make arrowheads with machete blades and metal fences; 20 yards is a long shot to them; bowfishing; arapaima fish; they get $7,000 for allowing visitors to catch and release arapaima; more talk about arapaima and how valuable they are to them; black caiman; there are lots of big animals in Guyana; anacondas; talk about the different tribes and issues between them; fish poisons and poisoning a pond; what people die from in Guyana; deadly snakes; getting shocked by electric eels; (1:00:00) electric eel kills caiman video; river turtles; people there have American clothes that were donated and brought over; animal conservation; giant river otters; they weren’t excited by Steve’s bow; what would happen if he left modern bows with them; Steve thinks their materials for fishing are better; they don’t hunt monkeys; they don’t consider how often they do things, or what they prefer to do, or why they don’t eat certain things; white-lipped peccary is their favorite meat; jealousy between villages; shamans; strange rituals in the villages; Che Guevara book; photos from helicopter of uncontacted tribe; he wants these villagers to stay how they are and not change; tourism in the American west; he hunted in Guyana with their equipment and his own; making your own gunpowder; bat guano; bone china; photo of man standing on a mountain of buffalo skulls; Joe talks again about Genghis Khan; Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History podcast series; Custer massacre; Farc rebel group; there was so much death in the past; most people don’t see dead bodies; Steve talks about dead bodies he’s seen; Steve tells a story about a plane crash outside his house when he was younger; Steve’s dad saw a dead guy who was beaten to death; Wild Bill Hickok; there was a guy who sent a barge of animals over Niagara Falls and charged people to watch; Buffalo Bill’s wild west show; more talk about the Custer massacre; “Here Fell Custer” painting; how much of history is distorted; atrocities committed by Christopher Columbus(2:00:00) more talk about Columbus; “The War Against Columbus Day” article; the time from the invention of the airplane to the dropping of a nuclear bomb from a plane is only 50 years; technology addiction; Steve wants to take the guy he met in Guyana on a hunting trip in Alaska; the guys in Guyana don’t care about bugs; he wants the guy in Guyana to experience suffering while ice fishing; burbot fish; talk about life in Guyana; they know everything about their environment; they have shoes but still walk barefoot while hunting; their feet look very strange; flowers in Guyana; pictures of the feet of people who walk barefoot; foot binding pictures; artificial cranial deformation; Inca mummies; dehydrating wild game meat; pemmican; why hunters eat dehydrated food; freeze drying food; sublimation chambers; dehydrating rice; how long can frozen game meat stay good; story about a guy who was baiting a bear with garbage and eating the garbage food; guy whose arm is decaying due to a back/neck issue; reverse hyper benches; importance of posture; sciatica; Joe thinks chiropractors are horseshit; Joe’s bulging disc issues; Bas Rutten’s arms issues; Lyme disease causes nerve damage; Morgellons disease; subjectivity in the medical world; Joe repeats Andrew Santino’s testicle cyst story; preventative maintenance for the back; don’t ignore back issues; Joe has HAG Capisco chairs in his podcast studio; hunters bragging about how much weight they carry; Atlas Trainer; people need to exercise their backs; Joe does chin-ups while wearing a weight belt; don’t run to get in shape, get in shape to start running; get in shape to start Jiu Jitsu; (3:00:00) Guyana pictures are on Steve’s Instagram.

My Thoughts: Some of the animals and plants he talks about I couldn’t understand or figure out how to spell. I did what I could! Talk about his trip to Guyana, hunting, history, feet, and back problems.

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