The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 873 with Steven Kotler

Episode Number: 873
Episode Guest: Steven Kotler
Original Airdate: November 17, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Onnit,, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Steven Kotler is a bestselling author, journalist, entrepreneur, and co-founder and Director of Research for the Flow Genome Project.

Topics Discussed: Creativity and where ideas come from; pairing life down to the essentials; living a simple life; Starbucks coffee; Starbucks Clover coffee machine; freeway shooters; men can’t drink boat drinks; Stephen King; The War of Art book; writing early in the morning; exercise and creativity; flow states; flow states of a fighter; writing comedy material; types of comedy; more flow state talk; defining flow state scientifically; A Small Furry Prayer book; music and flow state; substances that inspire creativity; norepinephrine; dopamine; endorphins; skeet shooting and flow state; being in “the zone”; measuring what the brain is doing during the flow state; it’s shocking how little we know; what is consciousness; what separates humans from animals; realizing everyone was once a baby; prairie dog language decoded by scientists; Radiolab podcasts; dolphins; language; chimps have entered the Stone Age; technophysio evolution; Joe talks about how dated Not Another Teen Movie is today; why doesn’t comedy age well; Lenny Bruce; Stripes movie; Manson family; guys once couldn’t talk about their feelings; we are soft today; debate about free speech at University of Toronto; New York City can fine you $250,000 for not using correct gender pronouns; talk about gender pronouns; Tinder’s 37 new gender identity options; yoga; Steven broke his legs while skiing; doing difficult things is important; the happiest people are those who constantly challenge themselves; momentum state; Joe talks about Anderson Silva; Anderson Silva vs. Forrest Griffin; Anderson Silva vs. Stephan Bonnar; recovering the subconscious after a bad accident; overcoming a loss as a fighter; athletes and traumatic brain injury; Steven had Lyme disease; a doctor told Steven he had AIDS; Morgellons disease; Steven forgot how to drive due to Lyme disease; no one worries about AIDS today; Peter Duesberg believes AIDS doesn’t exist; how Steven recovered from Lyme disease with surfing; Lyme disease and flow state; stress affects people’s health; Candida; probiotics and gut bacteria; Onnit Total Gut Health; Steven’s “You Are Not You” article; antibiotics; more talk about Steven’s battle with Lyme disease; surfing talk; shark attacks; Andy Stumpf skydiving flying squirrel suit video; flow state and Montessori education; Steven was a magician as a child; what the average person can do to achieve flow state; more yoga talk; Stealing Fire book; flow and psychedelics; Navy SEALS and flow; breathwork and breathing; target panic; treating trauma with MDMA or surfing; drugs that can be beneficial to people; animals that want drugs; sea otters killing monkey video; all species have found ways to alter their consciousness; ayahuasca; DMT talk; combining MDMA and meditation; Kundalini yoga; DMT experiences through breathing; DMT is in everything; Ibogaine and drug addiction; psilocybin and the Good Friday Experiment; experiencing other peoples’ flow states; recording memories and dreams; sociopaths; autism; ant death spiral video; ant talk; the biomass line; no one cares about bugs/really small animals; Brazilian wandering spider; Viagara is a performance-enhancing drug; tarantulas; giant huntsman spider; we’re lucky insects are little; more talk about Steven’s Stealing Fire book; don’t go shopping while in a flow state; more flow state talk.

My Thoughts: Lots of scientific talk about flow state and the brain. Lyme disease talk. Bugs and spiders. Not as dull as I was expecting.

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