The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 680 with Steven Hassan

Episode Number: 680
Episode Guest: Steven Hassan
Original Airdate: August 7, 2015
Episode Sponsors: Caveman Coffee, SimpliSafe, MeUndies, Onnit

Guest Bio: Steven Hassan is an American licensed mental health counselor who has written extensively on the subject of cults.

Topics Discussed: His ethnicity; is Judism a cult; Cult of Mac; undue influence; positive religions; being religious but anti-cult; feeling of community; sleep deprivation; Scientology; hypnosis; his background; hot girls and religious recruitment in Boston experiences; being vulnerable; wanting to fit in; mind control experiments; transcendental meditation is a cult; yogic flying; Satan; his religious moonie background; moonie history; leaving the church; inspiration and manipulation; manipulation of memories; therapy; hypnotherapy; creating a past life; Barry Crimmins story; people who cults want; Tom Cruise and Scientology; L. Ron Hubbard; Going Clear documentary; A Piece of Blue Sky book; The Unbreakable Miss Lovely book; pimps and mind control; Children of God cult; Going Clear documentary; Dianetics book; David Koresh and Waco; Stefan Molyneux; Robin Williams’ death; 27 Secrets to Raising Amazing Children book; therapy to overcome abuse; cutting off family; cutting people off; forgiveness; false memories; family; cults and homosexuality; Scientology positives.

My Thoughts: Interesting stuff about what is a cult and how/why people get sucked into them.

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