Onnit Introduces Star Wars Functional Fitness Equipment

Onnit has partnered up with Lucasfilm to create an exclusive line of Star Wars functional fitness equipment. Much like Onnit did with its Marvel collab, it has taken familiar faces, symbols, and scenes from existing properties and integrated them into the fitness equipment we all use, like kettlebells, yoga mats, and medicine balls.

Let’s break down what the Onnit x Star Wars line includes:

Onnit Star Wars Death Star Slam Ball

Death Star Slam Ball

First up is the Death Star Slam Ball. This is essentially a 20 lb. medicine ball made from dense polyurethane rubber and crafted into the visage of the Death Star. This on its own would be cool on display, but it’s also functional so you can slam it into the wall or onto the ground like any other medicine ball. Preorder for $74.95 now!

Onnit Star Wars Han Solo Yoga Mat

Han Solo Yoga Mat

This Han Solo Yoga Mat is genius to me. It’s the iconic image of Han Solo frozen in carbonite, but flattened down! While it doesn’t look like a traditional yoga mat, it’s just as functional as one, made from a moisture-wicking non-slip polyurethane rubber material that’s reversible if you choose to use it that way. Preorder for $64.95 now!

Onnit Star Wars Darth Vader Kettlebell

Onnit Star Wars Stormtrooper Kettlebell

Onnit Star Wars Boba Fett Kettlebell

Star Wars Kettlebells

The most exciting products in the Onnit x Star Wars line are the Star Wars kettlebells. Much like the other Marvel kettlebells, Primal Bells, Zombie Bells, and Legend Bells, the base of the kettlebell is made to look like the head of the character with the handle protruding from the top of its dome.

These Star Wars kettlebells come in three weights/characters: Darth Vader is the biggest (obviously) weiging in at 70 lbs. with the Stormtrooper tipping the scales at 60 lbs. and Boba Fett coming in at 50 lbs.

As you would expect from Onnit, these Star Wars kettlebells are custom sculpted, 3D balanced, and crafted from chip-resistant iron. They function just like a regular kettlebell but are infinitely more cool/nerdy. Keep them out in the open in between exercises and they become artwork. Preorder for $149.95-$199.95

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