The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 875 with Shannon Briggs

Episode Number: 875
Episode Guest: Shannon Briggs
Original Airdate: November 21, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Onnit, MVMT Watches, MeUndies, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Shannon Briggs is an American professional boxer. A twenty-year veteran of the sport, he held the lineal heavyweight title from 1997 to 1998, and the WBO heavyweight title from 2006 to 2007.

Topics Discussed: Shannon calling everyone “champ”; his reinvention on social media; sugar is bad; Shannon’s on his third comeback; did he feel pressure as a young, up-and-coming boxer; do the best you can; confidence; fighting and beating George Foreman; his split from Teddy Atlas; contemplating suicide; talk about issues he had to deal with as a child; more Teddy Atlas talk; what he would do different if he could change the past; Shannon was a homeless teenager; he started boxing when he was homeless; why he stopped boxing for a few years; why he decided to clean up his life; business decisions he made in the past; using his past as fuel; his drug issues; Shannon knocks Klitschko into the water off his paddle boat video; potential fight with Lucas Browne; boxing fights are hard to make; working on his cardio; talk about his asthma; talk about starting on social media; talk about his Vitali Klitschko fight and how he didn’t get paid; how he’s altered his training due to aging; push yourself and listen to your body; who he’s worked with; Evander Holyfield; strength and conditioning; yoga; scheduled fights that fell apart; Shannon’s diet; he spends $150-$200 per day at Whole Foods; CBD; his issues with drinking; yoga brings him peace; his positivity; talk about his fans on social media; people didn’t care about boxing when Klitschko was champ; the importance of a winning record in boxing; fighting in K-1; training in martial arts; why he never tried MMA; Tyrone Spong; shifty boxing promoters; who he wants to fight; he never felt love until social media; how he wasted money in the past; he cut off his dreadlocks; importance of diet; he doesn’t listen to hip hop; he ignored the presidential election; he ignores negativity (news, etc.) online; depression; his “mental diet”; avoid bad food; the body adapts to being healthy; junk food causes you to crash; his positivity helps others; he trademarked “let’s go champ”; talk about his brother; more “let’s go champ” talk; he feels stronger thanks to all his social media followers; he wants to be paid; he wants to make his mom and his fans proud; talk about his mom; he just wants security for his family and to make people happy; (Shannon gives a whole bunch of shout-outs).

My Thoughts: I wasn’t familiar with this guy. Every other word out of his mouth is “champ”. He’s a very positive dude.

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