The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 905 with Shane Smith

Episode Number: 905
Episode Guest: Shane Smith
Original Airdate: January 25, 2017
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Guest Bio: Shane Smith is a Canadian-American journalist. He also is the co-founder and CEO of the international media company VICE.

Topics Discussed: VICE TV news show on HBO; criticism about the VICE news show; there’s fake news from both sides; war; global warming; Merchants of Doubt documentary; global warming deniers/doubters; the US needs $1 trillion in water system upgrades; talk about what Trump is doing/will do as president; legalized marijuana talk; marijuana is still classified as a schedule 1 drug; Joe was a judge for the Cannabis Cup; smoking weed isn’t bad for your lungs, unlike cigarettes; Hillary Clinton is against marijuana “in every sense of the word”; protesting; everyone needs to work together; the two-party political system; families divided by politics; humans have tribal instincts; we need a better system for running America; there should be a council of elders to run the US; what people would you choose to run America; Elon Musk; Sanjay Gupta; House of Cards Netflix show; Neil deGrasse Tyson; 14-year-old built a nuclear reactor; turning radioactive waste into diamond batteries; most people don’t have an open mind and aren’t willing to change it; it’s easier to shit on things than to find solutions to problems; Jimmy Carter talk; how Ronald Reagan beat Jimmy Carter (1:00:00) the gas crisis and muscle car sales; Joe geeks out about Mustangs; Joe thinks borders should be eliminated and the world would be one big happy place; what will happen if the ocean rises and wipes out coastal cities; how technology will change humanity in the future; we need a common goal; carbon in the permafrost is a potential disaster; cloning the woolly mammoth using DNA from a mammoth found in the permafrost; Oprah; women’s march protests compared to the black lives matter protests; Joe Biden; augmented reality; internet trolls; we are more connected to the world yet still disconnected from one another; more people are flying now to meet face-to-face; sending the content of your brain to a clone across the universe; CRISPR, gene editing, and playing God; people born today will live until 150; aging is reversible in human cells and live mice; Neuromancer book; Martha Stewart; Joe thinks not everyone should be allowed to vote; Calexit and California exiting from the United States; Shane is a US immigrant and is living the American dream; it doesn’t matter where you’re born; all the smartest people are moving to California; the smartest people lean left; how are people still racist and against gay rights; people need to do more drugs; ibogaine; there are a lot of things that are bad that we allow to go on because they’ve gone on forever; Fentanyl; opioid overdoses in US; more prescription drug addiction talk; Xanax(2:00:00) 50% of the US takes pharmaceutical drugs; Fentanyl is bad; technology is evolving so quickly; Joe talks about probiotics; Shane took antibiotics and felt bad so he took probiotics and felt better; fecal transplants; autism symptoms improve after fecal transplants; edible marijuana and CBD oil can help with autism; Joe tells the story of William Randolph Hearst and marijuana AGAIN!; fake news in the past made marijuana illegal; Yellowstone earthquakes; why don’t we colonize space; Arrival movie.

My Thoughts: Mostly political discussion with some talk about technology, the future, and drugs. Lots of talk about building a hypothetical council of elders to run the United States. Shane and Joe do not get drunk, unlike previous episodes.

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