The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 813 with Shane Dorian

Episode Number: 813
Episode Guest: Shane Dorian
Original Airdate: June 22, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Onnit, Indochino,, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Shane Dorian is a big wave surfer and bowhunter.

Topics Discussed: Surfing in New Zealand; getting bumped off his surfboard by a shark; sharks in Hawaii; Bethany Hamilton; stories about getting sucked under the water for over a minute; breathing and the connection between Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and surfing; taking a course to learn how to hold your breath longer; David Blaine holding his breath; Triton underwater breathing device; culling sharks after an attack; Joe wants to surf but is scared of sharks; falling off a giant wave; why he loves bowhunting; talk about bowhunting compared to using a rifle; the connection to the food you hunt; respect for the animals you hunt; what got him into hunting; hunting in New Zealand; you need to be very athletic to hunt; tahr goats in New Zealand; different types of hunting; long range hunting; Apex Predator TV show with Remi Warren; walking quietly and slowly while hunting; bear hunting stories; “Dad’s Arrow Saves Son From Grizzly Attack” articleSteve Rinella story about guy who got shot with an arrow while being attacked by a bear; grizzly bears are killing machines; elk fighting over girls and smashing heads; horns are swords; elk charges woman in Yellowstone video; Grizzly Man documentary; photographer headbutted by elk video; Joe thinks he could choke out an elk; elk are delicious; hunters who have a list of animals they want to kill; nothing kills bears, but bears kill everything; “Mother Brown Bears Protect Cubs with Human Shields” article; bear meat; Joe feels weird killing a bear; The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams TV show; Grizzly Man documentary talk; getting killed by an animal; getting killed by a shark; surfer fights off shark on live TV video; Shane’s story of a friend getting attacked by a tiger shark; over-fishing is leading to shark attacks; animal rights activists; no one cares if you kill a fish; Joe got a lot of hate after killing a bear; people are disconnected from where their food comes from; hierarchy of animals you can kill; trophy hunting; Zimbabwe has to cull 200 lions; wildlife conservation money comes from hunters; people are misinformed about hunting and hunters; the hunting experience; billions of dollars of conservation money comes from hunters; hunting podcasts; Shane needs to surf and hunt; satisfaction of getting your own food; what life is like as a white guy in Hawaii; Hawaii after white people showed up; rich people moving to Hawaii and building houses; Los Angeles is a magnet for weirdos; Los Angeles traffic; Shane prefers living in Hawaii; climate of Hawaii; Keck Observatory; Hawaii blocks construction of telescope on sacred land; talking Hawaiian Pidgin; Shane’s dad was a stunt double; Elvis couldn’t swim; Shane says the best weed is in Hawaii; Woody Harrelson lives in Hawaii; Shane talks about his wife moving to Hawaii; it’s hard to be alone when you move somewhere new; Joe needs to be around comedians; it feels good to hunt and turn off your phone; phone calls are stupid; people don’t have enough alone time; doing a solo bowhunting trip; Shane talks about hunting by himself and getting hurt; it feels weird to talk to someone after a solo hunt; more solo hunting talk; hunting alone is humbling; Joe talks about hunting on Prince of Wales Island; appreciating life after returning from a hunting trip; being soaking wet while hunting; merino wool; how Shane figured out what to bring while hunting; Backcountry Bowhunting book; importance of keeping weight down while hunting; what food he eats while hunting; you crave fat when hunting; you burn thousands of calories while hunting; hunters using Google Earth for planning hunts; Shane is obsessed with getting better at hunting; how Shane learned to bowhunt; technical archery talk; hunting in Australia around crocodiles; New Zealand is better than Australia; snakes in Australia; stories about snakes; arrow talk; axis deer; more bow and arrow talk; Joe is building a new studio with a 50-foot indoor archery range; Shane is going to Bali; Shane’s son bowhunts; Shane’s back problems; reverse hyper extension benches; yoga talk; booty yoga.

My Thoughts: Mostly talk about hunting and animals with a bit of talk about surfing and life in Hawaii. Technical archery talk towards the end.

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