The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 874 with Scott Adams

Episode Number: 874
Episode Guest: Scott Adams
Original Airdate: November 17, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Onnit, Ting,, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Scott Adams is the creator of the Dilbert comic strip and the author of several non-fiction works of satire, commentary, business, and general speculation.

Topics Discussed: When Joe and Scott first met on NewsRadio; working as an actor; memories; Scott thinks we’re living in a simulation; Scott was a hypnotist; understanding your reality; Donald Trump is the most persuasive person Scott has ever seen and he gives examples of this; Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer meme; playing The Dozens; How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big book; talent stacking; Trump’s public speaking skills; Howard Dean’s scream; unpredictable rewards; Hillary Clinton’s health; “24 Reasons Why Donald Trump Won” article; people who don’t want a woman as a president; polls aren’t accurate; Scott predicted Trump would win; the public, not the president is the true leader; Trump is responsive to the public’s desires; Trump sides with people emotionally; what is Trump going to fix; Trump protests; fear is the best persuasion; not all Trump supporters are racist, but all racists are Trump supporters; Hillary Clinton email controversy; Caitlyn Jenner; when things lean too far left, people go towards the right; Confederate flag talk; we accept symbols; identifying cars; Caitlyn Jenner killed someone; tall people flying on a plane; Shaq sits in the back seat to drive his cars; people are tribal and want to be part of teams; it’s weird that people get invested in sports teams; history of football; Radiolab “American Football” podcast episode; genocide of Native Americans; the Photoshop of audio; fake tech voices; how people talk; Joe rants about how women talk to each other; being yourself; people are acting all the time; people who don’t stop talking; Twitter and shadowbanning; Milo Yiannopoulos and Leslie Jones feud; men are buffoons in entertainment; more Milo/Leslie talk; more talk about the election; Mitt Romney’s dad is a Mexican-born Mormon; Mormon religion talk; simulation theory; measuring something changes the result; gender pay gap talk; Hillary Clinton vs. James Comey supercut video; Scott talks about supporting Trump; marijuana legalization; autonomy; self-driving car talk; Trump and the Muslim database; talk about the White House intruder; John Podesta spirit cooking/Satanic rituals; Bikram Choudhury talks about his sperm on Real Sports; judging someone by what they’ve done/said in the past; John F. Kennedy secret societies speech; Eisenhower military industrial complex speech; differences between how television networks report the news; Trump protesters are not being paid; Trump/Pence are anti-gay; talk about privacy; God’s Debris book; Scott talks about communicating with people on Periscope; more discussion about Trump being president; Trump is a massive manipulator; family dynasties are like Game of Thrones; Jeb Bush; will Michelle Obama run for president; the Clinton murders/bodycount; Hillary Clinton laughs about Gaddafi dying; head trauma; Brother Sam book; Donald Trump doesn’t drink alcohol; persuasion and speaking confidently; Scott realized people were nicer to him when he was high; conversations; more talk about Trump; Trump and climate change; climate change talk; Scott talks about putting solar panels on his house; technology and reducing emissions; Joe tells Scott to do a podcast.

My Thoughts: Mostly talk about Donald Trump and politics. No discussion about Dilbert or fitness/exercise.

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