The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 804 with Sam Harris

Episode Number: 804
Episode Guest: Sam Harris
Original Airdate: June 1, 2016
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Guest Bio: Sam Harris is a neuroscientist and author of the New York Times bestsellers The End of Faith, Letter to a Christian Nation, and The Moral Landscape. His podcast called Waking Up is available on iTunes and Stitcher.

Topics Discussed: Sam stopped eating meat but doesn’t feel healthy; Joe talks about good cholesterol and fats; dietary cholesterol isn’t bad for you and helps with testosterone production; Joe talks about his chickens; growing grain displaces animals and farming grain kills animals; people find laboratory-grown meat creepy; would vegans go back to eating meat if it was grown in a lab; vegans get mad at you if you go back to eating meat; vegans revolt against owners of vegan restaurants after they start eating meat; there’s no veganism in the bible; ag-gag laws; drone footage of a pig farm video; Eating Animals book; talk about factory chicken farming; no one cares about chicken or fish; woman rescued lobster and returned it to the sea; pain responses; mushrooms are closer to humans than plants; Joe talks again about plant intelligence; justification for killing something that’s living; Joe said being in a marijuana grow op felt like being in a room of people; how far down does consciousness go; panpsychism; do plants grow better if you play music or sing to them; Joe talks about how doing drugs feels like someone is there; DMT is in everything; mice brains contain DMT; the third-eye and pineal gland; talk about meditation and vision; eyewitness testimony and false memories; India murder case where people were convicted based on brain scans; more talk about memory; idea of losing control of our thoughts; being able to read thoughts and tell when someone is lying and how it will affect the criminal justice system; people who confess to crimes they didn’t commit; Sam tells a story about a false confession which resulted in a man going to prison; watching hallucinations take place in schizophrenics; people are kept awake during brain surgery; talk about how stimulating certain areas of the brain can make people feel like they’re having an out-of-body experience or feel things when they aren’t being touched; Radiolab podcast episode “9-Volt Nirvana”; transcranial magnetic stimulation; Sam talks about how much we know about the brain; more brain and intelligence/artificial intelligence talk; will the first artificial life we create be zombie cows for harvesting their meat; creating artificial people; more artificial meat talk; creating spare parts for humans; how much different will people and life be 1,000 years from now; Sam speculates about how we might be 1,000 years from now; Joe says that grey aliens are humans in the future; Sam talks about David Deutsch‘s thoughts on knowledge and creating anything out of atoms; the horizon of knowledge extends without limit; the future will be far less recognizable than any other point in human history; more talk about what we could do in the future by building using atoms; how far special effects in movies have progressed and where we could go in the future; talk about how humans learned to fly; things could quickly get strange in the future; the CDC is more worried about real diseases than man-made diseases; MRSA has doctors scared; there is no incentive for the government to create antibiotics; Joe talks about how Ari Shaffir had staph infection; Kevin Randleman’s staph infection pictures; Jamie says his ex-girlfriend got staph on her face and it almost spread to her brain; we need to produce the next generation of antibiotics quicker; hospitals have become cesspools and 200,000 people die from filthy doctors/nurses and equipment in hospitals; only the NICU in hospitals does hand washing properly; MRSA was created by resistance to medications that got stronger; talk about antibiotic use on animals and its effect on humans; infectious disease comes from animals; more talk about diseases and viruses; Toxoplasmosis; Alzheimer’s disease could be the result of the brain’s response to something that invaded the blood-brain barrier; Ronald Reagan and Alzheimer’s; Vincent “The Chin” Gigante; Robert Sapolsky on Toxoplasmosis; Microsoft’s software for predictive policing; Microsoft’s Twitter AI bot turns racist; guy in Tesla falls asleep while his car drives in autopilot mode; giving up your privacy for safety; if someone talks enough, you know who they are; talk about Donald Trump and how much he changes his mind and lies; talk about the political candidates and how each candidate has terrible points; Hillary Clinton is shrill, a liar, and an opportunist; Man Enough to Vote for Hillary ad campaign is fake; Trump might win because he puts on a great show; Trump is a stick to jam in the wheel of the system; more talk about Trump; Trump says nothing intelligent; Trump wanting to deport immigrants; Trump was a birther; Trump is pandering; Trump calls Bill Clinton a rapistTrump doesn’t believe in man-made climate change; it’s taboo to change your mind; Trump is dropping nuclear bombs of craziness; the system is fucked up and needs to be reworked; Trump running for president is worse than Tony Robbins running for president; journalists are astonished by the things Trump says; Trump fundraising for veterans; Trump mocks reporter with disability video; Ted Cruz coaches his family through ad campaign video; talk about Trump and religion; you have to pretend to believe in God to be president; Trump could be our first atheist president; who could be the best president; talk about the good points of the candidates; Trump is just winging it; Trump is a wake-up call for the political establishment; Trump keeps changing his positions; maybe Trump is trolling everyone; we need smart people to optimize the system; Trump comparisons to Hitler; Hitler in Homes and Gardens magazine; what would Trump do if he had more power than anyone else in the world; heavyweight boxing talk; big athletes go to football and basketball rather than boxing or MMA; there are no heavyweights coming from Asia; many boxers come from poor countries, and poor countries don’t have big people; Johnny Tapia; talk about movement and lighter weight classes; talk about Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson and his movement; you can’t move like a flyweight if you’re a heavyweight; air resistance and surface area; what if a human had chimp strength; talk about the Harambe gorilla situation; it should be impossible for a child to get into a gorilla enclosure; primates look tortured in zoos; how to preserve extinct species; bushmeat; Steve Rinella shot and ate a monkey; growing human meat in a lab to eat; human meat and animal meat isn’t different on a cellular level; pregnancy; China’s one-child policy; pregnancy crises around the world; more adult diapers are sold in China than baby diapers; will we figure out a way to eliminate poverty; how artificial intelligence and technology could potentially solve poverty; anything can be done if it follows the laws of physics; Google’s Computer Go artificial intelligence; perfect AI could destroy humanity; will AI make humans obsolete; AI could usher in a world like The Matrix; Neil deGrasse Tyson isn’t worried about artificial intelligence; super intelligent AI is probably 50-100 years away; people underestimate how much technology can improve in 10 years; some people think our role is to give birth to mechanical Gods; everyone is racing each other in developing technology; we will build the next species that is more important than we are; can we build unconscious super-intelligent AI; if intelligence is just information processing, will will build something super-intelligent; it’s scary to think that humans will be in control of super-AI; we need to merge with machines; imagining Donald Trump making decisions about AI and our future; the movie Her is not that far off from becoming a reality; Ex Machina movie; could there be autistic AI or smart and dumb artificial intelligence; common sense won’t be in AI unless we build it in there.

My Thoughts: Talk about vegans and meat. Artificial intelligence and technology, diseases and politics. A little boxing and fighting talk towards the end, then more talk about meat and AI/technology. I thought this would be a bore, but it was fairly interesting despite being somewhat of a chore to get through due to its length.

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