The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 914 with Ryan Callaghan and Kenton Carruth

Episode Number: 914
Episode Guest: Ryan Callaghan and Kenton Carruth
Original Airdate: February 8, 2017
Episode Sponsors: 1-800-FLOWERS, LegalZoom, Lyft, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Ryan Callaghan is an outdoor enthusiast and director of conservation and public relations at First Lite, and Kenton Carruth is the co-founder of First Lite.

Topics Discussed: Merino wool talk; First Lite clothes; hunting clothing is very technical; house bill to sell 3.3 million acres of federal public land (H.R.621); talk about public land/forests and regulations; real estate development in California; how the government decides what land to sell; H.R.622 talk; Bundy standoff;  Bureau of Land Management; animals on public land; American Prairie Reserve talk; grizzly bears; wolves in Idaho; wolves in Yellowstone; Rats documentary; terriers eating rats video; animals are smart and can adapt; wolves in Canada; talk about hunting seasons and tags; story about trying to kill a wolf; Judas wolf; wolves are back in Pariswolves of Paris in 1450; the wolves of World War I; Willow Creek movie; hunters never see Bigfoot or UFOs; high altitudes and drinking water; (1:00:00) story about Jean-Claude Van Damme getting drunk and staying hydrated; the woods don’t care about you; Joe’s friend killed an elk and it took him four days to carry the meat out of the woods; the circle of life; respecting an animal by eating all of its meat; Joe eats a lot of liver; the alpha wolf eats the liver; Joe tells a story about a guy making himself the alpha wolf by eating a liver; bear sits next to guy in Alaska video; talk about bears sharing fish; people don’t understand the animal ecosystem; New Zealand’s invasive introduced species; talk about hunting in New Zealand; chamois; people climbing Mount Everest; adjusting to elevation; MMA training at elevation; how MMA training has advanced; not having sex before a fight; Mike Tyson talk; anxiety and fighting; anxiety and hunting; story about missing the opportunity to kill a mule deer; what you do before you pull the trigger; acting on instinct under pressure; Joe gushes about Cameron Hanes; how true professional hunters perform; acting under pressure; removing your conscious mind from intense moments; bowhunting talk; Mongol style bows and thumb rings/draw; more archery talk; there’s no more difficult way to get your food than with a bow and arrow; archery has become very complicated; Joe finds archery practice relaxing; getting close to kill an animal; you have to try hunting to understand it; Joe says hunting is a psychedelic experience; hunting and hunters provide the most money for animal and land conservation; you have to be prepared for everything while hunting; (2:00:00) who is killing wolves; mountain lions in California; Backcountry Hunters and Anglers; finding out where your food comes from; the selling of public land is a bipartisan issue; “Roosevelt, Robber Barons, and the Continued Fight for Our Public Lands” article; more H.R.622 talk; Theodore Roosevelt and conservation talk; debating meat eaters about hunting; European pheasant shooting; Dick Cheney shot a man in the face while hunting; creating and testing hunting gear; hunting gear compared to hiking gear; Texas hunting talk; there are more captive tigers in Texas than in the wild; Dallas police chief has five tigers; Texas wildlife laws; brand loyalty in the hunting clothing/gear world; talk about creating hunting clothes/gear; Joe gushes about First Lite clothes; Joe is surrounded by women at his house; laws of the household; Joe rants about how politically correct the world is now; Donald Trump talk; “pussy” and other words you’re not allowed to say anymore; Joe talks about how Ari Shaffir has disappeared and disabled his cell phone; balancing hunting time and family time; hunters aren’t always successful while hunting; Joe’s kids eat the animals he kills; the more first experiences you have in life the better; step out of your comfort zone; elk bugle video; hunting and hunters help animal conservation; hunting birds and guard/retrieving dogs; talk about Idaho and hunting tags; talk about hunting tag fees and hunting tag lotteries; you can spend $17 on a hunting tag for a deer and get 500 lbs. of meat; big horn sheep tags can go for upwards of $500,000; grazing allotments and bison; brucellosis; Dakota Access Pipeline; Gasland documentary; Joe asks Ryan and Kenton what they think of California; why people in cities walk faster; traffic in California.

My Thoughts: Three hours of talk about hunting, animals, public lands, and the outdoors.

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