The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 661 with Rutledge Wood

Episode Number: 661
Episode Guest: Rutledge Wood
Original Airdate: June 17, 2015
Episode Sponsors: Rizlone,, Ting, Onnit

Guest Bio: Rutledge Wood is one of the hosts of Top Gear on the History Channel. He also works as a reporter for NBC Sports and NASCAR on NBC.

Topics Discussed: International versions of Top Gear; Top Gear helicopter crash; Apache helicopter; flying planes; plane hit bird picture; Hudson River plane crash recovery; Patrick Swayze plane crashHarrison Ford’s recent plane crash; Jeff Healy; Mustangs; not liking a certain car because of their owners; Porsches; Sharkwerks; Nurburgring; California traffic; Nissan GTR; Corvettes; drifting; school bus snow plow; driving in snow; motorcycles; drifting; his custom Scion; his life before Top Gear; Craigslist; Missed Connections; crazy Fear Factor contestants; Joe’s Newsradio experience; being an actor; Stephen Root; going crazy; Roseanne Barr; Tom Arnold; John Goodman; The Big Lebowski; The Coen brothers; Donald Trump on Top Gear; Trump’s hair; Trump’s wife Melania; Trump’s branding; Trump was broke; would Joe go on a reality show like The Apprentice or Dancing with the Stars; Joe dancing in the Zookeeper movie; no real stars on Dancing with the Stars; getting sucked into TV; Life Below Zero show; The Bachelorette; The Real World; Fear Factor; dealing with puke; wiping up shit; becoming a parent; kid’s shows; Raggedy Ann and Andy parade story; driving to Las Vegas; Wild West Show story; Bigfoot reenactments on Joe Rogan Questions Everything; Bigfoot hunters; doing Joe Rogan Questions Everything; getting laid in Florida compared to New Jersey; The Real Housewives of New JerseyJersey Shore; Snooki punched on Jersey Shore; starting with the UFC; Cain Velasquez vs. Fabricio Werdum fight; altitude; Mexico’s smog; Mexico’s traffic; New York; too many people; New York real estate; Palmdale; Afroman punches girl on stage; people jumping onto the stage; guy tackled on stage while Riff Raff performs video; Rachel Dolezal; Trump pulls hair back video; Joe’s Don King interview; Don King has murdered peopleLockup TV show; New York prison escape; Quebec is like a different world; Rosetta Stone; languages; Top Gear UK relaunch; Jeremy Clarkson controversy; Hammond and May; taking over The Man Show; Janet Jackson’s Super Bowl nipple; Manhattan’s topless laws; being crazy; California’s drought; oil sand golf; golf carts; pesticides; Zyclon B used by the Nazis; The Bad Show Radiolab podcast; Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History; weed and memory; memory loss; be who you are; Charlie Sheen; internet trolls; being happy; living an enjoyable life; do what you want to be happy; feeling trapped; there will be no secrets in the future; words sent brain-to-brain over internet; memory; future of memory; self-driving cars.

My Thoughts: Not as much car talk as you’d think, which was a pleasant surprise. Rutledge basically interviews Joe during this episode.

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