The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 1086 with Rory Albanese

Episode Number: 1086
Episode Guest: Rory Albanese
Original Airdate: February 28, 2018
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Guest Bio: Rory Albanese is a comedian, comedy writer and television producer. He was an executive producer and writer for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and also appeared on The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore.

Topics Discussed: Strength of marijuana today; Barbara Streisand cloned her dog twice; dogs from the pound/shelter; can dogs be rehabilitated; Joe talks about his dog with mange; people abandoning dogs; Joe had a dobermann as a child; Rory talks about a rottweiler that jumped through a window; man played a huge role in the breeding of dogs; poodles; is a dog with braids/dreads cultural appropriation; poodles transformed into pandas, horses, etc.; South Korea and dog meat; why can we eat some animals but not others; an egg can’t become a chicken; Joe thinks vegetarians/vegans should eat eggs; Joe’s chickens are like his pets; he talks about how coyotes killed his chickens; roosters are too loud; female chickens and birth control; more talk about roosters; Rory talks about roosters in New York City; culture being removed from cities; we’re learning more about people and behavior today; we’re in the craziest time ever; smartphones are still mind blowing; Rory talks about meeting guys in the military; Rory was working with inner city kids and was told he couldn’t use the word “auction” for an auction; slaves and auctions; when did the word “gay” become a word for homosexuals instead of meaning happy; you can’t say “pussy” anymore; our lives are too easy and we have too much time to complain about things; we eat too much and we’re fat; we throw too much food away; Christians who talk about helping others but never do; people are sick of others telling them how to live; it was easier to lie to people before the internet; abortion talk; there’s no rationality on either side when it comes to abortion; American Made movie; Curveball; 2007 Yucatan Gulfstream drug crashBarry Seal talk; the boys on the tracks; Joe rants about the Foxcatcher movie innaccuracies; Pain and Gain movie; Joe thinks The Rock will be our next president; Idiocracy movie; (1:00:00) Joe wants to go back in time to Egypt to see the pyramids being built; Ancient Aliens TV show; ancient structures in Peru; Joe goes back to talking about his chickens; more talk about ancient structures in Peru; temperature; the metric system; learning measurements as a child; more talk about measurements and temperature; forgetting how to do simple math problems; 1869 MIT admissions question; what if the apocalypse goes down; Rory thinks he has no skills of value to use during the apocalypse; Joe talks about bowhunting; Joe thinks he could teach Rory how to bowhunt; Joe compares archery to yoga; talk about gun control; how many mass shooters were members of the NRA; NRA business discounts; there should be tests and licenses to own a gun; more talk about gun control; why do people want to own guns; the more we learn about ourselves and our history, the more we realize how fragile we are; evolution of modern humans; Sumer; Library of Alexandria; Cleopatra was closer to the invention of the iPhone than the construction of the pyramids; 60,000 Mayan structures found under Guatemalan jungle; The Lost City of Z movie and book; Percy Fawcett; shrunken heads; Native American disease and epidemics; Dan Flores; bison hunting and near extinction; Coyote America book; coffee and caffeine; caffeine in Starbucks drinks; guys who can drink a lot of beer/alcohol; beer talk; Modelo astronaut commercial video; US Air Force chief warns of war in space; UK Carling astronaut beer commercial video; Pentagon UFO videos; Great Pacific garbage patch; ocean cleanup machine; Pentagon UFO picture is a balloon; Joe wants UFOs to be real; Joe wants to see definitive evidence of UFOs; Spies Like Us movie; The Producers movie; Gene Wilder; Stir Crazy movie; See No Evil, Hear No Evil movie; Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory movie; Blazing Saddles movie; Richard Pryor; Stir Crazy prison scene video; The Toy movie; Brewster’s Millions movie; (2:00:00) there are too many movies; cell phone addiction and life without a smartphone; people love to say they don’t watch television; listening to music; Neil Young’s Pono music service; Henry Rollins has $200,000 speakers; the sound of vinyl compared to digital; Jamie explains sound to Joe and Rory; talk about old rock bands; Lynyrd Skynyrd member survived plane crash but was shot by a farmer; mistaking one black guy for another; you can say things to comics you can’t say to regular people; the job of a comic is to push the line; Ari Shaffir, Tom Segura, and Bert Kreischer are mean to each other; Rory talks about working in writing rooms; human-pig hybrid created in lab; Vacanti mouse; Chinese man has new nose grown on forehead; people who grew horns; cutaneous horn; more people with horns talk; Indonesian tree man; lobotomies; One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest movie; Rosemary Kennedy lobotomy; Fresno homeless people; The City Addicted to Crystal Meth documentary; comedy club talk; Dave Chappelle talk; Rory talks about a special he shot and where he will release it; 64% of US households have Amazon Prime; more talk about where to release Rory’s comedy special; making money from YouTube videos; YouTube copyright algorithms; The Beatles LOVE Las Vegas show; Rory loves Broadway musicals; Team America World Police movie talk; South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut movie; Ted and Ted 2 movies; There’s Something About Mary movie; Annihilation movie; Ex Machina movie; suspension of disbelief; Man of Steel movie; Batman v Superman movie; superhero origin stories; Justice League movie; Avengers: Infinity War movie talk; Joe rants about the Hawkeye character and his archery skills; archery talk; Lars Andersen; more archery talk; (3:00:00) impact bracing; Tim Kennedy; Hunting Hitler TV show; Joe talks about running with his dog; Vibram shoes; The Primal Blueprint book; Joe rants about how shoes are bad for us; yoga taught Joe how weak his feet were; running hills has strengthened Joe’s feet and given his once flat feet an arch; more talk about feet; talk about the rough hands of real workin’ men; magnetic wristbands.

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Ancient Aliens: Season 1
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