The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 1124 with Robert Schoch

Episode Number: 1124
Episode Guest: Robert Schoch
Original Airdate: May 31, 2018
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Guest Bio: Robert Schoch is an associate professor of natural sciences at the College of General Studies at Boston University. He is best known as a proponent of the Sphinx water erosion hypothesis.

Topics Discussed: John Anthony West; Magical Egypt documentary series; Mystery of the Sphinx documentary; ancient structures in Egypt are probably older than most Egyptologists think they are; how he became interested in Egypt; Serpent in the Sky book; following the evidence is Robert’s rule of thumb; Theosophy; he knew within a minute of seeing the Great Sphinx of Giza that it was older than Egyptologists think it is; Sphinx Temple; rainfall in Egypt weathered the Sphinx after the last ice age; the Sahara Desert was once a rainforest; podcast with Graham Hancock, Randall Carlson, Michael Shermer; solar outbursts; climate change in the past; timeline of environmental history; the sun is active again today the way it was before the last ice age; the sun is a star and we feel its effects on earth; solar activity can trigger volcanoes to erupt; solar storm of 1859; solar activity being mistaken for Gods in the sky; Easter Island; surface radiation from solar events; massive flooding due to lightning melting ice at the end of the last ice age; Gobekli Tepe; resistance from Egyptologists about his theories; ORACUL; debating academics about the age of the Sphinx; more Gobekli Tepe talk; why are academics resistant to his studies; ancient Egyptians knew things that we don’t know, and we have things to learn from ancient culture; we’re not at the highest point of construction technology; no one knows how the Sphinx or pyramids were built; many Egyptologists look down on ancient Egyptian cultures as being primitive people; (1:00:00) scientists discover void in Great Pyramid of Giza; he doesn’t think the head of the Sphinx is original, and could have been a lion originally; hall of records under the paw of the Sphinx; when was the Sphinx carved; Origins of the Sphinx book; what was the original face of the Sphinx; Egyptologists are resistant to scientific information from outsiders in another field; he was naive when he first studied the Sphinx; Egyptologists dismissing his claims and attacking him personally; challenging his critics; more talk about the Sphinx and its weathering; rebuilding the pyramids/building on top of older structures; Robert wants Joe to go to Egypt with him; Cleopatra lived closer to the invention of the iPhone than the pyramids; Robert’s research highlights; granite was used in restoration of ancient structures; retaining knowledge; Dead Sea Scrolls; ancient Egyptians were likely using knowledge passed down to build their massive structures; a major solar outburst would bring down modern technology; we can learn from ancient civilizations; no hieroglyphs explain their construction methods; no bodies were found in the great pyramids; only massive stone structures stand the test of time; ancient Egyptian “pottery” is crafted out of hard stone (granite or diorite) and it’s not known how it was carved; (2:00:00) more talk about ancient bowls; beads found at Gobekli Tepe; speculation about how ancient civilizations made their bowls; talk about the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid; ancient Egyptians were sawing and drilling granite using machines of some sort; valley temple pyramid; why have no tools been found in Egypt; more talk about the construction of the coffer in the King’s Chamber; statue of Khafre; talk about people who are doing similar work that ties into his research; how his work is being received; Robert has mixed feelings about the internet due to misinformation leading to confusion; people who want to tie ancient Egypt to aliens, like the Ancient Aliens TV show; talk about ORACUL; talk about the dating of Gobekli Tepe vs. ancient Egyptian structures; Forgotten Civilization book; (they look at pictures of old structures); moving large stones for carving; Stonehenge is crude compared to Gobekli Tepe; archaeology is inherently destructive; Urfa talk; a professor at Cairo university would like to see the stone of the Great Pyramids and Sphinx used to create a mall in place of the ancient structures to improve Egypt’s economy; American’s destruction of Native American landmarks/structures is similar to how Egypt feels about its ancient structures; Turkey’s feelings about Gobekli Tepe; Robert had guns pulled on him in Pakistan because it was thought he was carrying plastic explosives; he always puts safety at the forefront; he would like to do a documentary or film about his work.

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