The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 935 with Robb Wolf

Episode Number: 935
Episode Guest: Robb Wolf
Original Airdate: March 23, 2017
Episode Sponsors: Charlotte’s Web Hemp, Dollar Shave Club, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Robb Wolf is a former research biochemist, health expert, and author of the New York Times bestselling The Paleo Solution. His new book Wired To Eat is available now.

Topics Discussed: Robb is doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu now; Reno, Nevada; tech companies in Nevada; Robb is skeptical of tech companies; Joe thinks he’s shadowbanned on Twitter; Robb talks about his low-carb diet; gut bacteria and glucose profiles; fasting and gut bacteria; fasting; water; Zevia soda pop; stevia; colonics; garlic; oregano oil; getting your gut microbiome tested; probiotics; gut fungal overgrowth; it’s hard to diagnose gut problems; Robb had giardia twice; drinking lake water; The Paleo Manifesto book; food prohibitions across cultures; fats with sugar; fats with carbs; blood glucose response; eat whole unprocessed foods; how antibiotics affect the body; Lyme disease; why Lyme disease is so prevalent today; coyote talk; Coyote America book; coywolf; a coyote stole one of Joe’s chickens; Robb has a Rhodesian Ridgeback; Land of Giants pitbulls; pitbull talk; all dogs come from wolves; genetic variabilities; dinosaurs; science’s insane fake news problem; “fake news” term; (1:00:00) the last election cycle; fighting on social media; defending your ideas and enforcing your beliefs; dinosaur fossil hoax video; talking about something you know nothing about; critical thinking and Brazilian Jij Jitsu; more BJJ talk; strengthening the body; talk about Roy Jones Jr.; the best style is the most technical style; Kron Gracie; Paul Sass; the best Jiu Jitsu is gi techniques without a gi; Gracie black belts; checking and regulating hormones; heart rate variability; Joe is on testosterone replacement therapy; Joe’s testosterone went up from going on the keto dietexogenous ketones; how the sugar industry shifted the blame to fat; mixing processed sugar and saturated fat is bad; processing sugar after entering ketosis; how ketosis affects the brain; intermittent fasting; Robb eats higher carb when he does BJJ; paleo people don’t like peanuts; what works today might not work tomorrow; Dunning-Kruger effect; wanting to know everything; eating fruit can be bad for you; fruit isn’t the same as it used to be; bananas have changed over time; genetically modified fruit; food production today is unnatural; sprouted bread; Robb’s gluten intolerance; celiac disease; colitis; resveratrol; gut bacteria influences how we respond to supplements and pharmaceuticals; there’s no testing to see what you can eat; Joe was told to avoid avocados; sugar and inflammation; (2:00:00) ibuprofen is dangerous and is bad for gut bacteria; overtraining; Robb’s abs failed while doing CrossFit; reverse hyper bench; spinal decompression exercises; rope climbing; hanging; New Chapter Zyflamend; Asprin; ketogenic diets reducing cancer; ice baths and hot saunas; steam shower vs. sauna; Robb is doing gymnastics for strength and flexibility; meditating; floating/isolation tanks; CBD oil; depression, anxiety, and gut bacteria; the system is set up to make people eat bad food; food is filled with preservatives; Joe talks about grocery shopping while high; food companies study how to make food addictive; Adam Richman’s Man v. Food kitchen sink challenge video; we get bored of our food; food pairings for competitive eating; it’s not your fault if you crave bad food; food to counterbalance cheat days; Robb will crush a bag of salt and vinegar chips; make your meals enjoyable but not over-the-top; eat your bad food outside of the house; blood glucose monitors; Joe’s heroin food is linguine and clams; gluten-free pasta; sprouted bread compared to regular bread; enriched bread; more talk about Ezekiel bread; fast after you eat bad food; fasting/intermittent fasting isn’t an eating disorder; lap band surgery; you can make changes to your diet; stomach pump weight loss device; Joe explains what a vomitorium is; the ketogenic diet will suppress your appetite; it’s important to take care of your body; more talk about benefits of the keto diet; man who didn’t eat for 382 days; without dietary glucose, the body turns fat into glucose; it’s possible to lose massive amounts of weight without needing surgery to remove excess skin; (3:00:00) talk about operations to remove skin; Robb’s Wired to Eat book; dieting is hard for everyone.

My Thoughts: All talk about dieting, ketogenic diets, eating healthy, and some Jiu Jitsu talk. Skip if you’re not into any of that stuff. Joe manages to work in talk about wolves, coyotes, and dogs.

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