The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 654 with Rich Vos (and Brian Redban)

Episode Number: 654
Episode Guest: Rich Vos
Original Airdate: May 28, 2015
Episode Sponsors: Ting, Trunk Club, DraftKings, Onnit

Guest Bio: Rich Vos is a stand-up comedian. He and his wife, Bonnie McFarlane, have a documentary Women Aren’t Funny available now on iTunes.

Topics Discussed: Samsung’s new phones; cell phones; cell phone cameras; One Hour Photo movie; film; hooking up with girls; making them leave your place; the difference before and after sex; damaged childhood; his wife’s story; Anthony Cumia’s podcast; subscription-based podcasts; Joey Diaz on Periscope; Sirius satellite radio’s money trouble; the stock market; stock market compared to gambling; Bernie Madoff; corporations; infinite growth and profitability; Donald Trump; playing golf; Obama; anti-semitism; Jewish person in Muslim neighborhood video; Jewish people; Italians; Japanese people; Germans; Cadillacs; navigation systems; police using Waze to report fake speed traps; cellular phone networks; 5G; comedy couples; Women Aren’t Funny documentary; Christina Pazsitzky; blowjobs; orgasming; sex while married; sex positions; Roast Battle; offensive comedy; new material comedy show; The Comedy Store; Boston comedy; doing comedy for cocaine; Rich’s cocaine stories; drinking while high on coke; cocaine and dick problems; Jim Norton New York sex stories; Jim Norton’s perversions; Norton on the radio; Patrice O’Neal; self-sabotage; Doug Stanhope; standing-only rooms; being comfortable; LA traffic; black people in California; San Francisco real estate; New York and New Jersey comedy; Boston comedy; perfecting material; writing with Chris Rock; Richard Jeni; Dom Irrera; Sam Kinison; Chris Rock talk; the writing process; Red Eye show; Joy Behar; Tough Crowd show; Colin Quinn; politics; the left and right; Obama; whistleblowers; bad cops; police quotas; civil asset forfeiture; corruption; stop-and-frisk in New York City; racial profiling; media ignores positive police stories; plane hijacking; sky marshals; German suicide pilot; parachuting; wearing a helmet in a plane crash.

My Thoughts: Worth listening to for Rich’s depraved stories of cocaine use and of his earlier years in New York with Jim Norton.

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