The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 1170 with Tulsi Gabbard

Episode Number: 1170
Episode Guest: Tulsi Gabbard
Original Airdate: September 10, 2018
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Guest Bio: Tulsi Gabbard is an American politician of the Democratic Party. Since 2013, she has been serving as the U.S. Representative for Hawaii’s 2nd congressional district.

Topics Discussed: Hawaii’s battles with volcanoes and hurricanes; false missile alert; North Korea could bomb Hawaii; talk about Kim Jong-un and North Korea; slave trade in Libya; should America interfere with what’s going on in other countries, and why do we continue to do it; she ran for congress after experiencing the results of war firsthand; she doesn’t think mandatory military service is the answer; the cost of war; a lot of politicians are good at being full of shit; why do people want to be in positions of power; voter awareness is increasing; television news channels are driven by ratings; Jimmy Dore; she talks about some things going on in government that most people wouldn’t know about; some politicians want America to go to war with Iran; she’s one of a handful of members of congress who are under 40 (she’s 37); a lot of old guys in power didn’t grow up with the internet and are out of touch; Radiolab podcast episode about Russian troll farms; Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony to congress; we need to stop interfering with other countries; Joe doesn’t think Hillary Clinton is a genuine person; Hillary Clinton laughing about Gaddafi’s death video; she endorsed Bernie Sanders; the Clintons and their paid speeches; how to stop Wall Street from funding politicians; she doesn’t take any corporate money; Bernie raised money from small doners, not large corporations; she would talk to Bernie if he wanted her to run as his vice president; she wants to do whatever will allow her to make the largest impact; House of Cards Netflix show; politics is too complicated for the average person; Trump as president is eroding people’s confidence in the government; Hacking Democracy documentary; voting machines can easily be hacked; why can’t we vote online if we can bank online; voting with both machines and paper ballots; (1:00:00) why isn’t the issue with secure voting being solved; hanging chads; superdelegates; she wants to eliminate superdelegates, have open primaries, and have same-day registration; justification for having superdelegates; Hacks book; Joe was shocked that more people weren’t outraged about the conspiracy to have Hillary Clinton win the primaries; she’s taking a hard look at universal basic income; more discussion about universal basic income; finding a purpose in life and doing what you want to do vs. going to college and doing what you’re supposed to do; going to university is prohibitively expensive; the cost of health care; Hawaii’s paramedicine progam; free public education after high school; Bernie’s plans for free education; problems with the education and health sectors; why don’t doctors (and the public) know more about nutrition; she’s focused on civil liberties and criminal justice reform; surveillance of citizens to prevent terrorist attacks; can the police force you to unlock your phone; Stingray phone tracker; Patriot Act; technology changes faster than the government can keep up with its laws; private prisons; FIRST STEP act; more talk about private prisons; kids for cash scandal; marijuana legalization; the opioid epidemic; ibogaine; psilocybin; MDMA for PTSD treatment; CBD; Joe got Ted Nugent to start using CBD for his knee issues; hemp; Hempcrete; more talk about marijuana legalization; she’s also concerned with why aren’t issues being fixed; we need to respect each other as people; Joe says that she gives him hope.

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