The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 922 with Philip DeFranco

Episode Number: 922
Episode Guest: Philip DeFranco
Original Airdate: February 24, 2017
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Guest Bio: Philip DeFranco is a popular YouTube and internet personality. He hosts The Philip DeFranco Show where news stories are discussed every Monday to Thursday on YouTube.

Topics Discussed: iPhone talk; Phil doesn’t trust the cloud; swipe keyboards; Arrival movie talk; depressing movies; the world is depressing enough; escapism; House of Cards Netflix show; becoming jaded; we’re getting too much information each day; how YouTube stars edit their videos; BuzzFeed’s fake story about Trump and golden showers; Trump won’t release his tax returns; Trump’s travel expenses are much higher than Obama’s; news outlets are echo chambers; off-duty police officer fires gun at teenagers on his lawn; there are good cops and there are moron cops; kids don’t handle things well; telling people to kill themselves; intent matters; PewDiePie controversy talk; Wall Street Journal on the PewDiePie controversy; context matters; resentment towards YouTube and new media stars; Gavin McInnes; Neil deGrasse Tyson talk; passion makes a difference; school teachers are underappreciated; bad school teachers; more PewDiePie talk; Phil won’t do interviews with mainstream outlets; The Wall Street Journal misrepresented PewDiePie; should wrong information be deleted or retractions be printed; taking things out of context; words you can’t say anymore; don’t hate, educate; gender pronoun talk; North Carolina; people died earlier in the past; US Olympic committee willing to change records of Bruce Jenner to Caitlyn Jennergender pay gap myth(1:00:00) Caitlyn Jenner was/is against same-sex marriage; new Republicans; Hillary Clinton said Pepe the frog is a white supremacy symbol; some Trump supporters are trolls and want to watch the world burn; people are mad they’re not successful; what you do on the internet can have real-world ramifications; Trump supporters attacking Patton Oswalt about his dead wife; Phil tries to stay in the middle but thinks he would be more popular if he picked a side; Tomi Lahren talk; The Young Turks; Lena Dunham on the death of the white male; Lena Dunham and Odell Beckham, Jr.; Lena Dunham sexually assaulted her sister; George Takei spoke positively about being molested; Milo Yiannopolous was molested; Milo is a merchant of outrage; Milo isn’t doing any real damage; Berkeley Milo protests; Richard Spencer punched video; punching Nazis; mob mentality; a girl was pepper sprayed for wearing a “Make Bitcoin Great Again” hat; Facebook and fighting with family/friends over politics; liberals being sad when Hillary didn’t become president; Obama is an exceptional person and a great speaker; Trump is more “real”; Trump becoming president is a test of our system; Trump paid the Clintons to attend his wedding; Clinton Foundation; the Clintons made $153 million for paid speeches; Joe ran a 5K marathon without training for it; Trump looks unstable; being president is a very difficult job; civilian deaths from drone strikes; talk about the Muslim ban and immigration; people born in America are lucky; America is the land of opportunity; cultural immigration; evolving religions; Syria is like a Mad Max apocalypse movie; immigrants not integrating into America; Iraqi refugee raped a 10-year-old boy in Germany; we all want to be safe; child suicide bombers; no one will ever be completely safe; cannibalism in the past; things are better now; how to stop the terrible conditions in other countries from coming to America; the world needs something bad to unite us; us vs. them mentality; today is the safest time to be alive; Philip talks about being in school when the 9/11 attacks happened; (2:00:00) people were united after 9/11; Joe talks about being in New York after 9/11; Los Angeles riots; we only open ourselves up after something horrible happens; we’re taking in too much data; make your local community good and then expand; Phil is scared he’ll do the wrong thing on his show; we need to filter out some of the data we’re taking in; the evolution of ideas because of the dialogue and information the internet provides; Phil didn’t go to school for what he’s now doing; it’s okay to flip flop and change your opinions; the world needs more people to be reasonable and fair.

My Thoughts: Different guest, but all the same topics you’ve heard before. Only a little over two hours.

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