The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 743 with Phil Demers

Episode Number: 743
Episode Guest: Phil Demers
Original Airdate: January 5, 2016
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Guest Bio: Phil Demers is a former Marineland employee turned truther, also known as the Walrus Whisperer.

Topics Discussed: Phil’s history with Marineland; Joe visiting SeaWorld while high; intelligence of dolphins and whales; whales are merciless killers; bear attacking deer in backyard video; cats are killers; lack of connection with our food and meat; judgement from vegans; hypocrisy of vegans; vegans would eat meat if they had no other options; dogs will kill you if they don’t have food; Radiolab “New Normal” podcast on foxes; pigs become wild pigs when let loose; Joe taming a feral cat; zoos give you a stupid idea of what animals are; hunting and eating an animal is a sacred thing; Phil eats meat and wears leather; Phil trying to get off cheese; cheese is like crack article; raw cheese; not drinking milk; almond milk is filled with sugar; people in Los Angeles don’t know how to drive when it rains; we need to use ocean water and remove the salt from it; Carlsbad Desalination Plant; Bill Gates drinks water made from human waste; why aren’t we showering with salt water; salt water and corrosion; growing almonds and the California drought; plants can hear themselves being eaten; plant that eats rats; life eats life; (Joe and Phil watch unknown video of plants eating things); nature is beautiful; Joe wants to take his kids hunting to watch elk; African high fence operations; Phil seeing a deer trying to break into MarineLand; animals are angry when they’re horny; moose are huge; Phil has helped ban orca captivity in Ontario, Canada; changing water quality parameters; overly chlorinated tanks at MarineLand caused whale’s skin to flake off; trying to introduce a bill about the captivity of whales and dolphins in Canada; MarineLand would import whales, breed them and sell them to SeaWorld; SeaWorld’s wild-caught orcas; why can’t whales and dolphins live in ocean water; seaside sanctuaries; how bad is SeaWorld doing financially; The Girl Who Talked to Dolphins documentary; Joe and Phil talk about floating in an isolation tank; floating while high; “Why You Need a Ulysses Strategy for 2016” article; new year’s resolutions; going for a jog; physical exertion makes you feel better; the owner of MarineLand is trying to intimidate Phil; John Holer (owner of MarineLand) stalking Phil video; legal issues with John Holer; crowdfunding for his legal fees; John Holer has stalked other people and drove one woman to suicide; keeping whales and dolphins in captivity is slavery; the language of whales; Smooshi the walrus thinks Phil is her mother; Smooshi is protective of Phil; Bill Burr on Lance Armstrong; “Everyone Loves MarineLand” Canadaland podcast episode; future of his legal battles; John Demers is trying to make Phil go broke; more legal battle talk; what he’s doing for work; Justin Trudeau; government ties to MarineLand; other media he has done; John Holer’s son–and Phil’s ally–died; PETA is using Phil’s story to raise money for itself; SeaWorld is trying to expand its pools; whale hunting; subsistence hunting; The Cove documentary and Japan’s slaughter of dolphins; China’s zoos; China’s dog meat festival; people with pigs as pets; no one is governing the oceans; slaughtering whales under the guise of scientific research; Phil gushes about being on the podcast; Joe’s ergonomic chairs; ag-gag laws; Joe’s chickens; PETA is against eating eggs (chicken periods); free range chicken eggs; Joe fed a mouse to his chickens; chickens are predators and will eat anything and want living things; grouper fish eats shark video; grouper fish are huge; the ocean is amazing; giant squid found in Japan; 100-foot Kraken exists; we know more about the moon than the ocean; StarTalk Radio Show by Neil deGrasse Tyson.

My Thoughts: Nice balance of talk about Phil’s battles with MarineLand and other topics.

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