The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 735 with Peter Boghossian

Episode Number: 735
Episode Guest: Peter Boghossian
Original Airdate: December 14, 2015
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Guest Bio: Peter Boghossian is a philosophy instructor, activist, author, speaker, and atheism advocate. He is a full-time faculty member at Portland State University.

Topics Discussed: Being an atheist advocate; grappling with Rory Singer; Ron van Clief; Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and submission grappling develops character compared to other martial arts; Anthony Bourdain obsessed with BJJ; you can’t fake skills in BJJ; BJJ and critical thinking; Kata is a waste of time, though helps with movement; practicing something over and over; shadowboxing; you need to train with a resisting opponent; Tai chi and movement; Peter compares martial arts to prayer; training Taekwondo and Joe’s perception of reality; Peter training stick and knife fighting; stick and knife fighting against Greg Jackson; Steven Segal getting his black belt in Aikido video; strength and conditioning; relying on strength compared to technique; new techniques developed by young BJJ practitioners getting ignored by the older guys; Eddie Bravo vs. Royler Gracie matches; thanks to the UFC, martial arts has advanced more in the past 20 years than in the past thousand; Chuck Liddell’s martial arts pedigree; Gunnar Nelson; Melvin Manhoef kicking pads video; Joe’s wake up call that he had to stop training Taekwondo; Joe wouldn’t fuck his girlfriend in his gym; Joe’s focus; commitment to marriage and relationships; does Joe hold anything sacred today; the gym was once Joe’s sacred place, but today the world is; recognizing the things to be thankful for; telling your friends and family you love and appreciate them; religion provides the scaffolding for evolution; George Bush saying God told him to invade Iraq; people have moved past their belief in Satan but not God; the New Testament was written by someone who wasn’t a Christian; in the future we will look back at religion and shake our heads that we ever believed it; religious people can be arrogant; keeping religion to yourself; guys reading from Bible disguised as Qur’an video; people who have escaped cults; marital arts is a vehicle for human development; people not meeting their full potential; today we teach self-esteem without accomplishing anything; one of our greatest fears is being dominated by another person; most of human history is war; competition between animals and species going extinct; Yale professor who had to resign; the regressive left; trigger warnings; woman who thinks Star Wars is racist because Darth Vader is black; microaggressions; Peter talks about trigger warnings and microaggression experiences with students in his class; student who had never heard of Star Trek before; regressive leftists think everything has to do with race; identifying as “cisgender”; students are being trained to suspend moral judgements; free speech is non-negotiable but regressives want to shut down discourse and debate; do they know that their ideologies are bankrupt; you can mock Christians but can’t say anything about Muslims; no one is allowed to be overly feminine or masculine, unless you’re transgender; debate and discussion is the only way to figure things out; don’t treat people badly who have treated you badly; chickens and the pecking order; the best way to change people is through rapport; the body is like a battery; you cannot fake Jiu Jitsu; people with a willingness to self-deceive; tribalism and people who find comfort in patterns; stem cells and religion getting in the way of medical innovation; why aren’t there diversity requirements for sports; African Americans aren’t taking philosophy; regressives look for outcomes instead of opportunities; how do you deal with the issue of inequality inside of marginalized communities; using “privilege” against someone; Joe talks about the guy and girl at Occidental University who get drunk and have sex, then the girl’s friends convince her she was raped; Peter talks about dealing with gender pronouns in his class; Radiolab “Invisibilia” podcastmiddle-aged man who lives as six year-old girl; changing names and genders is crazy and confusing; people look for green lights to get angry with you; people are socially retarded.

My Thoughts: This guy keeps trying to compare martial arts to everything and it gets a little annoying that he tries to derail what they’re talking about. This was a chore to get through and I kind of tuned out during the last half hour.

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