The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 1108 with Peter Attia

Episode Number: 1108
Episode Guest: Peter Attia
Original Airdate: April 24, 2018
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Guest Bio: Peter Attia is the founder of Attia Medical, PC, a medical practice with offices in San Diego and New York City, focusing on the applied science of longevity.

Topics Discussed: He swam from Maui to Lanai; Open Water Swimming book; Peggy Lee Dean; Diana Nyad; why are women better at swimming than men; endurance athletes; preparing and training for the Maui-to-Lanai swim; appreciating life after difficult tasks; swimming in the ocean at night; puking while swimming; his tongue became swollen due to the salt water; appreciating small things; more talk about swim races/personal challenges; challenges of swimming in the ocean; shark attacks in California; swimming after someone was killed by a shark; Peter shares his story of a close encounter with a shark; Sharkbanzankle device to scare off sharks; sharks off Catalina; more Catalina talk; Joe starts talking about animals and elk; Channel Islands of California; sea lion grabs girl and pulls her into water video; mountain goats in Colorado aren’t afraid of humans; monkeys in Costa Rica are accustomed to humans; Oreo cookies; monkey eating Oreo cookie video; coatimundi; coyotes and mountain lions in California; Joe talks again about coyotes and his chickens; coyotes in New York CityCoyote America book; more coyote talk; bobcat picture from Joe’s Instagram; how he met Jocko Willink; Extreme Ownership book; more Jocko Willink talk; Chris Kyle; snipers; shooting a gun; archery; reward systems; more archery talk; geese damage farms and crops; sandhill cranes(1:00:00) bird hunting; Joe prefers eating red meat; intermittent fasting talk; Joe rants about carbs; Peter says he used to be fat; eating right will change your life; Peter talks about his poor diet in the past; Peter wonders why he can’t eat as many carbs without gaining weight like he did in the past; benefits of intermittent fasting; things that extend life; Peter speaks at length about rapamycin; lidocaine; “cocaine” is still used in surgery; Coke is still made with coca leaves; coca leaves; orange juice is bad for you because of the sugar; more rapamycin talk; legs and leg strength; running; sprinting and force-velocity-power profiling; deadlifts and dropping the weight; training for swimming; running talk; breaking the two-minute mile; diets of marathon athletes; Lance Armstrong and doping in cycling; swimmers and muscles; muscles and lactate/lactic acid; it’s healthier for professional cyclists to participate in doping than to race clean; how steroids work; (2:00:00) why he stopped cycling competitively; athletes and heart issues; Joe asks whether everyone has a certain amount of heart beats; longevity; the only difference between a drug and a supplement is regulation; vitamin D; Francis Bacon and medicine throughout history; we will never learn the key to living longer; we need a strategy for living longer and healthier; Peter hired a research team to help him; 100,000 medical papers are published each month, but 90% of it is completely useless; more talk about Peter’s research process with his team; human growth hormone talk; Dr. Jeffery Life discussion; the average person lives to around 80 years old today; science is accelerating our longevity; we haven’t had a major improvement in mortality in nearly 100 years; Peter says he’s twice as healthy at 40 than he was at 30; some people have metabolic issues that can’t be fixed; Peter talks about working with someone on his weight loss struggles; man who fasted for over a year; more talk about a patient he’s working with on weight loss and health issues; Peter says fat people don’t necessarily eat more than an average person, but they do everything incorrectly metabolically; people don’t need to lose weight, they need to lose fat; Peter talks about how to lose weight/fat; stress increases weight gain; Peter talks about his diet; he only eats once per day, but will eat around 3,000 calories in one meal; he stress eats and punishes himself with food; why do people crave bad food when they’re tired; he doesn’t give himself cheat days; what Peter eats for a 3,000-calorie meal; he doesn’t snack or nibble when he’s fasting; David Bowie exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum; exercising before eating; what keeps him going; he gets obsessed with figuring out and mastering things; Joe talks about starting archery; John Dudley shooting an arrow through a kettlebell handle video; more John Dudley and archery talk; emotional discipline.

Books Mentioned

These are the books that were mentioned and/or recommended during this episode:

Open Water Swimming: A Complete Guide for Distance Swimmers and Triathletes
Used Book in Good Condition; Penny Lee Dean (Author); English (Publication Language); 232 Pages - 01/26/1998 (Publication Date) - Human Kinetics (Publisher)
$22.95 −$21.56 $1.39
Coyote America: A Natural and Supernatural History
Flores, Dan (Author); English (Publication Language); 288 Pages - 09/05/2017 (Publication Date) - Basic Books (Publisher)
$17.99 −$10.00 $7.99
Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win (New Edition)
Hardcover Book; Willink, Jocko (Author); English (Publication Language); 384 Pages - 11/21/2017 (Publication Date) - St. Martin's Press (Publisher)
$28.99 −$13.17 $15.82

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Products Mentioned

These are the products that were mentioned and/or recommended during this episode:

Sharkbanz 2 Magnetic Shark Repellent Band
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