The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 997 with Pauly Shore

Episode Number: 997
Episode Guest: Pauly Shore
Original Airdate: August 10, 2017
Episode Sponsors: NatureBox, Blue Apron

Guest Bio: Pauly Shore is an actor, comedian, director, writer, and producer. Check out his new show The Pauly Shore Podcast Show available on Crackle.

Topics Discussed: Pauly talks about eating edibles on Joey Diaz’s podcast; Joe explains again why eating pot is different than smoking it; weed is normal now in California; Pauly loves watching politics on TV; Trump threatens North Korea and North Korea threatens Guam; Pauly knows Dennis Rodman, who is friends with Kim Jong Un; Korean War; Dear Reader book; we don’t realize how lucky we are; spending time in prison would make you appreciate life; Innocence Project; Pauly imitating Stephen Miller; Pauly as Anthony Weiner; Weiner documentary; Anthony Weiner talk; Pauly talks about meeting Trump; Pauly is friends with Kellyanne Conway; Pauly wants to borrow Trump’s plane to pick up girls for him; Monica Lewinsky; Joe was asked to do Celebrity Apprentice; Rosie O’Donnell is always tweeting about Trump; the White House is close to the street; House of Cards Netflix show; moving from doing comedy in clubs to theaters; Pauly talks about doing stand-up; Pauly Shore Stands Alone documentary; Mitzi Shore; The Comedy Store talk; Pauly talks about when his mom met his dad and their relationship; what doing stand-up comedy was like 60+ years ago; more talk about The Comedy Store in the past and his parent’s relationship; Mike Binder would babysit Pauly; he started working at The Store at 14 to buy a fish tank; Howie Mandel; being an MTV celebrity as a kid; Pauly gets sad reminiscing about his life because it’s not as good as it once was; why his movie career dried up; Encino Man, Son in Law, In the Army Now, Jury Duty movies; he says it’s weird being in films like Sandy Wexler and not being the star; Bio Dome movie; getting older; Joe doesn’t like acting; a lot of actors are fake and weird; Fear Factor talk; syndication money; he’s editing a documentary about his life; Lenny Schultz talk; prop comics; funny comics who never made it; comics who never wrote new material; George Carlin; Richard Jeni talk; (1:00:00) A Big Steaming Pile of Me special; translating the magic of a club into a special; when Joe realized he was funny as a comic; discipline is important; Joe wasn’t funny as a kid; he started being funny by making friends laugh at kickboxing tournaments; ethnicities in combat sports; Joe talks about going to an open mic and realizing he could do stand-up; Pauly wants kids; “Transgender Man Gives Birth to Boy” article; talk about Ari Shaffir disappearing for four months; Joe rants about Bryan Callen’s awful birthday party; Pauly had a dream about Joe and he had a sitcom called The Rogans; kids on reality shows; Pauly did a signing at Comic-Con; Val Kilmer has throat cancer; Tombstone movie; Val Kilmer’s weight; Tom Sizemore; joking about his movie career; Pauly still has his money; Silver Lake, California; the future of The Comedy Store; more Comedy Store talk; Pauly says there’s nothing like comedy in the ’80s; Richard Pryor; Sam Kinison; Brother Sam book.

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