The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 562 with Paul Stanley

Episode Number: 562
Episode Guest: Paul Stanley
Original Airdate: October 15, 2014
Episode Sponsors: Squarespace, Blue Apron

Guest Bio: Paul Stanley is an American hard rock guitarist, singer, and painter, best known for being the frontman of the rock band Kiss.

Topics Discussed: Joe being a Kiss fan; replacing band members; jealousy within the band; doing what’s best for the band; Kiss not being played on the radio; getting old; teen idols; writing relatable songs; Justin Bieber; being anonymous; craving fame; Kiss movie; technology; no secrets; music industry today; stealing music; Napster; sharing music; radio; YouTube; money and happiness; insecurity; filling emotional holes; Paul’s mental issues; managing Paul as a person vs. the character; why he wrote his new book Face the Music: A Life Exposed; addiction; public perception; therapy; helping people; going off the rails; being vulnerable; actors; creativity; success; Dali Lama; projecting on others; cutting people out of your life; love; being a rock star; ups and downs; taking the makeup off as a band; band reunion; continuing without original members; issues with them; relationship with Gene; Las Vegas show; Kiss cruise; Penn Gilette.

My Thoughts: Clearly Paul was only on to promote his book. Joe obviously had a lot of respect and I got the feeling he really held himself back when the topic of the music industry came up, in terms of downloading music illegally or listening to it on YouTube rather than paying for it. Somewhat interesting, even for someone like myself who isn’t a Kiss fan.

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