The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 1035 with Paul Stamets

Episode Number: 1035
Episode Guest: Paul Stamets
Original Airdate: November 7, 2017
Episode Sponsors: Lyft, Square Cash

Guest Bio: Paul Stamets is a mycologist, author, and advocate of bioremediation and medicinal fungi.

Topics Discussed: His hat is made of mushrooms; fear of mushrooms; 23 primates consume mushrooms; there are 5 million types of mushrooms; 30% of soil is fungal species; mushrooms are sentient; humans are descended from fungi; talk about how we are similar to fungi; fungi communicates with each other through a network; Mycelium Running: How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World book; largest organism on earth is a fungus; honey mushroom; how mushrooms create meadows; mushrooms are the architects of our existence; 440 million year old fungus is earliest land-based life form ever found; he hopes we can one day communicate with mushrooms; slime mold grows network like Tokyo rail system; stoned ape theory; he thinks psilocybin should be looked at as a nootropic vitamin; California could legalize psychedelic mushrooms; DEA agents have tried to buy mushrooms from him; magic mushrooms reduce crime; he hates when people call mushrooms “shrooms”; he used to stutter very badly; he ate 20g of mushrooms, climbed a tree, tripped balls during a storm, told himself he had to stop stuttering, then his stutter disappeared the next day; more talk about stuttering; he takes lion’s mane mushroom daily; study with lion’s mane mushrooms and mice to fight Alzheimer’s; he thinks stacking lion’s mane mushrooms with psilocybin and niacin should be legal to improve brain health; how his ideas are received in the scientific community; penicillin and fungi; (1:00:00) Johns Hopkins study of psilocybin mushrooms; people who have negative experiences with magic mushrooms; Joe talks about his mushroom experiences; mushrooms and beer; honey and mushrooms; Terence McKenna talk; Psychedelic Salon podcast; more stoned ape theory talk; he tells a story about neurogenesis; he wrote his first book at 18; an old friend of his thinks his hearing improved after taking a 5g mushroom trip; the brain on magic mushrooms; Silicon Valley and microdosing psilocybin; Joe knows a professional kickboxer who is microdosing psilocybin; he recommends microdosing for five days then taking two days off; Joe talks again about how his dreams became more vivid after stopping marijuana; talk about bees and colony collapse disorder; he talks about a dream he had about bees and mushrooms; his patents that could bring down Monsanto; he talks more about his patents and how they can save bees; agarikon mushroom; story about a government black helicopter visiting his laboratory because of his patents; mushrooms fighting infections; he legally can’t recommend mushrooms for health benefits; cooking mushrooms; he refuses to answer a question about portabello mushrooms because he fears for his life; his mom had cancer and recovered fully; turkey tail mushrooms; enoki mushrooms; his articles on Huffington Post; talk about cordyceps mushrooms; Shroom Tech Sport(2:00:00) make sure your mushrooms are US-grown and certified organic and make sure they don’t come from China; characters in the Hannibal and Star Trek: Discovery TV shows were named after him; Altered States of Consciousness book; talk about finding a new type of mushroom when he was young, then eating them; he shares his multiverse experience while tripping on ‘shrooms; he thinks he saw the future when having a lucid dream while under the influence of mushrooms; reality is not limited to the perception we have traditionally used.

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