The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 915 with Nick DiPaolo

Episode Number: 915
Episode Guest: Nick DiPaolo
Original Airdate: February 13, 2017
Episode Sponsors: Squarespace, MeUndies, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Nick DiPaolo is a writer and stand-up comedian. See his latest special Inflammatory when it premieres on Seeso on February 16, 2017.

Topics Discussed: Joe tells a story about a guy getting electrocuted; electricity in other countries; back-up generators; getting trapped because of snow storms; getting stuck on a plane because of weather; driving in New York; talk about the states that voted for Trump; California governor Jerry Brown; Calexit; Scientologists; religion; The True Story of the Bilderberg Group book; Best Evidence book about the JFK assassination; Joe tells a story about dealing with a heckler who was mad about his bit about women; Joe backpedals about saying Ronda Rousey could beat up male UFC fighters; Nick tells a story about a comedy club bouncer punching out a girl; talk about UFC champion Amanda Nunes; gender pronouns; Annie Lennox; talk about Trump’s hair; investigation into Trump’s hair; newspaper mistakes Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump for the real Trump; more talk about Trump’s hair; Joe thinks we’re 30 years away from being mind-reading robots; talk about the Clintons; Clinton Foundation partner hiked price of opioid reversal drug by 680%; smoked oysters; eggs aren’t bad for you; Joe talks about cooking an elk roast; pellet grills; Joe talks about his meat and where he hunts; hunting with a bow and arrow; mule deer; Trump is the king of the assholes; Nick voted for Trump and likes him; Joe says his wife eats edibles every night before bed; Joe’s wife gave a friend an edible and he tripped his balls off; Nick talks about getting super high on edibles; Joe says to drink coffee and take a cold shower if you’re really high; mysterious illness tied to marijuana use in legalized states; talk about cold showers; moose stuck in frozen lake; woman dies after getting arm stuck in clothing donation bin; guys smoking at gas stations; Indians; Russell Peters is a nice guy; talk about Aziz Ansari; people talking shit about famous people; won’t advertise with Joe anymore; George Lopez talk; recent George Lopez racist incident; Chris Christie talk (1:00:00) Joe thinks he could get Chris Christie in shape; picture of Chris Christie pouring a small bag of M&Ms into a big bag of M&Ms; Joe says Nick should take steroids to get in shape; Joe has been doing testosterone replacement therapy for 10 years; vitamin D3 is very important; athletes and steroids; guys who go crazy when drunk; mob mentality; UC Berkeley Milo Yiannopoulos protests; Sarah Silverman confuses surveyor’s mark for a swastika; punching Nazis; more talk about Trump; Trump turned his club into a situation room; talk about Shepard Smith; getting called out on your shit; Giovanni Ribisi is a Scientologist; talk about Scientology; discipline; sports; learning how to lose; Joe writes while high; Steven Wright; Horace and Pete TV show; Nick talks about fights he’s been in at comedy clubs; Nick’s shoulder pains; exercises for shoulders; comics can be in shape and still be funny; punching up/down; Nick talks about meeting Janeane Garafalo; comics who can play sports; Upright Citizens Brigade doesn’t pay its performers; progressive people are intolerant; Patton Oswalt’s wife died from Fentanyl; Joe tells Nick to do mushrooms to kill the ego; tubgirl; satellite radio is stupid technology; Joe Diaz’s podcast gets millions of downloads per month; Nick sees a big bump in social media followers after doing Joe’s podcast; doing a podcast is better than doing a set on a late-night talk show; Nick thinks the Chopped TV show has been “gayed up”; Late Night with Seth Meyers; Nick’s material about Trump; will there ever be a time when there are no borders; problems with immigration; Muslims are sexist; religion needs to evolve; humans will one day have a universal language; Nick thinks Trump isn’t racist for wanting to protect our borders; it’s hard to get into the United States from Canada; Syrian immigrants in the United States; Massachusetts and immigration problems; mainstream media talk; large cities are predominantly liberal; mountain lion meat; eating wolves; (2:00:00) talk about hunting an elephant or other big animals; ticks; Lyme disease; Jerry Sandusky’s son charged with child sex abuse; Joe Paterno; Pee Wee Herman jerking off in the movie theater; Seeso.

My Thoughts: They cover a lot of different topics in this two-hour podcast.

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