The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 830 with Neal Brennan

Episode Number: 830
Episode Guest: Neal Brennan
Original Airdate: August 3, 2016
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Guest Bio: Neal Brennan is a stand-up comedian, actor, writer, director and producer. He is known for co-creating and co-writing Chappelle’s Show with Dave Chappelle.

Topics Discussed: Neal doesn’t recommend Ketamine anymore; Joe did acid for the first time a few months ago; Neal talks about what Ketamine was like; Neal’s depression and lack of joy; Joe’s brain needs tasks to accomplish; writing a joke that kills; thinking another person’s success is your failure; thinking you don’t deserve good things that happen to you; camaraderie of comedy; Roast Battle TV show; what’s acceptable in comedy; more Roast Battle talk; Comedy Central is taking chances on shows; Whoopi Goldberg on Roast Battle; The Comedy Store; more Ketamine talk; transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS); Radiolab “9-Volt Nirvana” podcast episode; fighters strengthening their jaws; massages; rolfing; Neal explains TMS to Joe; antidepressants talk; how Neal feels after 40 TMS treatments; Neal’s “Three Mics” show; how he feels after going off antidepressants; exercise, depression, and memory; writing things down; slavery wasn’t that long ago; Some of My Best Friends are Black book; racism and gentrification; Joe talks about being Italian and going to Italy; Italians are pigs towards women; American Girl in Italy painting; Joe talks about the Vatican again; Ethiopia and the Ark of the Covenant; boy who built a nuclear reactor in his backyard; Baghdad battery; the pyramids of Giza; the Great Sphinx of Giza; humans need a God or someone to look up to; charisma and charismatic leaders; Donald Trump; watching someone try not to snap; Tom Cruise calling Matt Lauer glib; Deadpool movie; new Ghostbusters movie; Joe says Ghostbusters was pro-women and anti-men; The Mechanic movies; Death Wish movies; movie remakes; the Hulk movies;  The Avengers movies; The Hulk; The Hulk’s ripped shorts; video of a guy falling off a horse from Generation Iron; sculpture of a human evolved to survive a car crash; Joe talks about driving a Tesla car and the problems with them; Fisker cars; hybrid cars; man dies in car crash while masturbating; memories; marriage, divorce, and alimony; old guys with young girlfriends; prostitution; sugar daddies and sugar babies; football and brain damage; OJ: Made in America documentary; talk about the OJ Simpson murder trial; did OJ have CTE; Joe talks about sparring in the past; getting kicked in the neck; Ernesto Hoost vs. Maurice Smith video; more talk about kicks; where you can kick/punch in MMA; new changes to MMA scoring and rules; more talk about the Ark of the Covenant in Ethiopia; the Baghdad battery; pottery; Primitive Technology YouTube channel; Neal talks about going on a meditation retreat; (they watch Primitive Technology videos); Neal turns the conversation back to his silent meditation retreat where he couldn’t talk, read, or write; managing the electronic world; conversations; having flexible opinions; more mediation retreat talk; technology causes chaos in the brain; time for reflection; how much work Obama actually does; people are going to miss Obama; how much of Obama criticism is racism; Trump is a birther; The Spymasters: CIA in the Crosshairs documentary; women buy 80% of merchandise in America; female race car drivers; guys inside inflatable ball costumes hit by bull video; scrub bulls (banteng); giraffe chasing Jeep video; giraffes fighting videobig horn sheep headbutting video; Joe talks about big horn sheep; humans are fine with animal dicks but not with other human dicks; Joe talks about clothes; breathing air conditioned air; Phoenix, Arizona; what if the power grid goes down; there’s no natural defense against cold; San Diego, California; La Jolla, California; comedy club and club owner talk; comedy in the past; news on TV today compared to the past; talk about politics and the government; Obama commutes 214 prison sentences; John Hinckley, Jr. released from prison; more TMS talk.

My Thoughts: Good podcast covering many topics.

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