The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 1053 with Neal Brennan

Episode Number: 1053
Episode Guest: Neal Brennan
Original Airdate: December 14, 2017
Episode Sponsors: eHarmony, Dollar Shave Club

Guest Bio: Neal Brennan is a stand-up comedian, actor, writer, director and producer. He is known for co-creating and co-writing Chappelle’s Show with Dave Chappelle. His recent special 3 Mics is available now on Netflix.

Topics Discussed: It’s hard to be an American citizen; there is no single source to get unbiased information from; what it’s like to give a quote to a major newspaper; New York Times fake news about Conor McGregor; Hasim Rahman’s injury from headbutt; citizens are more involved but everything is worse; Alaska mine threatens salmon and Native cultures; Trump is stressing people out more than Obama; Neal feels like he can’t look at his phone some days; former Facebook exec says people are being programmed; there should be a robot president; debates people won’t admit doubt about (like abortion); there should be a soul meter to measure when a fetus gets a soul; #metoo backlash; calling all women liars is the same as saying all women are telling the truth; talk about rape/alleged rape on college campuses; we need lie detectors; all men and women should wear bodycams; why many rapes don’t get reported; due process is important; A Rape on Campus Rolling Stone false rape story; mattress girl; women lying about rape are the outliers; Occidental University drunk sex/rape case; alcohol plays a big factor; idea that men don’t see women as humans, or as less than men; men raised without women; men who become bitter about women due to rejection; Joe says he knows more about women than ever due to having girls; evolutionary natural gender roles; men getting emotional; what a man is supposed to be like; women and men think about sex differently; drinking around co-workers isn’t smart; a man and a woman shouldn’t meet alone in the workplace; Kevin Spacey’s brother says their father was a Nazi child rapist; Morgan Spurlock admits to sexual misconduct; people hate admitting they’re wrong; sex is the most consequential thing we can do with our bodies that we can’t talk about beforehand; sex now vs. the ’70s and ’80s; women like mystery and spontaneity; scheduling sex; delaying having sex with a woman for the first time; male nature doesn’t like waiting; harnessing male energy for the right things; testosterone is power/fuel; men want power and to dominate; women want control, not power; women don’t need men, but want men; Joe talks about dating a woman who wanted him to choke her; some girls like dominating/rough sex; a girl once told Joe she wanted him to rape her consensually; Joe doesn’t want to connect rape with sexual arousal; Joe once had a foot fetish because of a particular girl; (1:00:00) more talk about sex and choking; we need tougher laws on drugging women; Neal was accused of drugging a woman and tells the story; Neal tells a story about Bill Cosby approaching a girl he knows; it’s not likely a guy just wants to be friends with a beautiful girl; don’t hire a hot nanny; hiring a hot woman; Neal tells a story about meeting Bill Cosby; Cosby is elitist; Joe tells the story about how Bill Cosby wanted people to watch him eat dinner and to tuck him into bed; it’s possible your hero is a piece of shit; Joe thinks at one time it was normal to slap a woman; origin of the word “faggot”; the link between comedic brilliance and degenerative behavior; comedians jerking off; Louis CK likely jerked off in front of girls because he thought he was above them; Louis CK is not a bad person; David Letterman’s on-air confession to adultery; Matt Lauer talk; talk about work relationships; dating other comics; Neal compliments Joe on his uncalculated success; Joe does what he’s interested in; Neal grapples with whether he is funny; fame is a distraction; talk about Chris Rock; comedians hiring other comedians to help write their material; Richard Jeni talk; Sebastian Maniscalco talk; Richard Jeni’s A Big Steaming Pile of Me; how a female comedian dresses and styles their hair for a special matters; Daniel Tosh; Dave Chappelle; Neal says no one with grey hair is a successful comedian; Ron White talk; being drunk on stage; Joe believes in experiencing things to help with his comedy; Neal talks about his depression; Joe talks about Ari Shaffir’s past depression; validation is important; Neal talks about how Ellen DeGeneres is still unsure about whether her material is funny; Joe is terrified about writing a new act after shooting a new special; Neal says Ellen is still murdering on stage; comics can’t always be sweet; (2:00:00) you’re only as good as your last set; things get harder the more fame you have; development of material needs to be done in front of an audience; you can’t predict how an audience will react; it’s rare to write a perfect bit before trying it on stage; taking chances on stage while drunk/high; Neal asks Joe what adulation has done to his personality; the worse thing you can do as a comic is lose your objectivity; Joe likes feeling insecure and vulnerable when high; Joe exercises while high; marijuana is a feminine drug; Neal talks about his experiences with transcranial magnetic stimulation and HGH for depression; he tried microdosing mushrooms; Joe knows a heavyweight kickboxer who takes mushrooms before fights; 5-HTP; Neal lost weight by microdosing; talk about dieting and eating healthy; Joe talks about gut bacteria; meditation; isolation tank talk; ibogaine; dog talk; girl’s dog threw up when she was taking a selfie photo; cognitive behavioral therapy; Joe thinks people need difficult things to do; Joe says the difficult things he does makes comedy easier; thinking you’re going to throw up before going on stage; comparing yourself to other comics; comparison is the thief of joy; The Comedy Store is supportive; more Comedy Store talk; thinking positively/positive visualization; Joey Diaz yelled at Joe for using a notebook; Joe was scared to follow Joey Diaz; haters and jealousy; Neal says every job he’s gotten has come from stand-up comedy; there’s too much comedy to keep up with these days; Neal is going to take ibogaine.

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