The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 1155 with Henry Rollins

Episode Number: 1155
Episode Guest: Henry Rollins
Original Airdate: August 9, 2018
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Guest Bio: Henry Rollins is a musician, actor, writer, television and radio host, and comedian. His special Keep Talking, Pal premieres on Showtime August 10, 2018.

Topics Discussed: He wanted to do an interview program called Henry and… where he has conversations with interesting people, including Ted Nugent; Henry speaks about chatting with Ted Nugent on the phone about music; he saw Ted Nugent perform live when he was younger; more talk about hanging out with Ted Nugent while disagreeing and not understanding him completely; Henry always watches what he says and doesn’t talk shit about people; some people need to hear they’re stupid, and he’ll wait until he can say it to their face; Henry has a special on Showtime called Keep Talking, Pal premiering August 10, 2018; his first performance where he just spoke to the audience; speaking felt more natural to him than performing music; more talk about his speaking career; his book publishing business; he’s written 27 books; talk about selling his books; Get in the Van book; A Dull Roar book; he’s always working because he has no family or friends; Henry worked with William Shatner on music; William wanted to be friends with Henry and hang out to watch football; he’s been friends with Shatner for 15 years and he’ll appear on his next album; he was friends with Gail Zappa, Frank Zappa‘s wife; social anxiety makes him nervous to hang out with people at parties; he sees himself like a rescue dog; being in front of people speaking is a way for him to distance himself from people; he still thinks it’s strange when he meets famous people because he feels like he shouldn’t be around them; he likes confrontation and challenges; he wrote a book with 407,000 words; going on auditions for advertisements, TV shows, or movies; rejection makes actors weird; he does many things because he knows music won’t sustain him; being a comedian/speaker is easier than being in a band because it’s just you and a microphone; he can’t do a normal job and thinks one would make him crazy; he works seven days per week but it’s stuff for himself; he listens to records while exercising; he’s happy when he’s working; he’s an achievement junkie; he hasn’t tried drugs because he’s battled depression since childhood; listening to music is like a drug; he feels exercise helps his depression; mixing up the exercises you do is important; yoga talk; Joe tries to get Henry to start doing yoga; Rickson Gracie; Rickson Gracie breathing video(1:00:00) more talk about exercises and working out; Henry tried cryotherapy because of Joey Diaz, and he loved it; more cryotherapy talk; sauna talk; reducing inflammation; skipping meals; intermittent fasting; he feels better when he limits his food intake; Joe talks about when he eats; how people eat in countries outside of America; he doesn’t go out of his way to try local cuisine when traveling; he brings food with him to eat when traveling; gravity water filter; SteriPen; Justin Wren and Fight for the Forgotten; Drop in the Bucket organization; he discovered the importance of clean water from traveling; he’s almost 60 and still learning and growing as a person; he has no sympathy for young people who fuck up their lives; he’s trying to be more clear, polite, and patient; he doesn’t curse anymore and explains why; Joe talks about performing comedy and swearing; he’d rather be articulate than overbearing; he writes out some of his ideas to turn them into stories for his books, but doesn’t necessarily write them down for his performances; he goes over his stories in his mind; comedy evolves in front of a live audience; his stories aren’t always funny, but they often are; he can essentially do whatever he wants for his live shows; stand-up comedy compared to a spoken word show; he wouldn’t do his performance at a comedy club again; Henry asks Joe how long he’s on stage for and if he has people open up for him; Henry is on stage for 2-3 hours; Henry has a local opener, but only when he’s in Australia; performing at a festival; Joe takes a friend on the road with him to open up his show; the stress of being president takes a physical toll; Trump needs to lose weight because he looks awful; Henry asks Joe about his family dinners and what his family eats; Joe showed his kids That Sugar Film documentary; the teeth of people around the world compared to Americans; fat shaming; Joe explains the Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer weight loss challenge; why fat shaming can work; soda is one of the biggest reasons why people are fat today; Henry likes drinking ginger beer on the weekend; he loves ice cream; he’s never had a weight problem; he was on Ritalin when he was a child; a good diet makes him feel better; what a typical meal is for him; he’s teaching a class at UCLA in October; he can’t afford to eat badly and not be on his A game; physical fitness and a good diet is what helps him; he doesn’t believe that a drug will work for his unique mind; he doesn’t have long term goals; he describes himself as hostile; he wants to prove himself and get back at all the people who put him down or said he would fail; he makes money but doesn’t count it; (2:00:00) he drives a Mazda 6; he used to be the voice of Infinity car commericals and they gave him a car to use, but only while he was working for them; he lives a utilitarian life; his assistant booked a trip for him and didn’t tell him where he was going; his life happens out in the world and not when he’s not at home; Joe says Henry makes him want to work more; Henry gets pumped up by the people he meets; he likes helping friends but doesn’t want to socialize with them; how Henry met Joey Diaz; no one ever feels like they’re special; he says that Ozzy Osbourne is worried that people won’t show up to his concerts; Henry tells a story about when George Carlin wanted to meet him; Ladies and Gentlemen, Lenny Bruce!! book; Henry tells the story of how George Carlin met Lenny Bruce; the actors he has worked with are all worried about doing a good job; preparing before a show; Henry paces before a show and recites Abraham Lincoln speeches, specifically the Lyceum Address; he was in the vault of the Lincoln Museum and saw one of Lincoln’s hats; he also recites amendments from the constitution before performing; he carries a copy of the constitution with him when he travels; The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the U.S. Constitution book; Thomas Jefferson knew how easily corruptible people are; we have to put Trump in check; he never thought he could do a better job than the president, until Trump became president; Trump is constantly getting played, and Henry explains how; Vladimir Putin is admired by the right today; Henry talks about his father smacking him after he asked if his dad was a communist; Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon; Putin is one of the scariest guys on the planet; he thinks Trump is getting money from Putin; Putin is a criminal and should be in prison; Joe thinks Trump admires Putin; Henry doesn’t think Trump will go to prison; he doesn’t believe in karma because Dick Cheney isn’t dead; he doesn’t think rich white guys go to jail; he doesn’t talk much about politics on stage; beautiful women with old rich guys; sticking up for people today matters because Trump won’t help anyone; we need young people in office; he’s excited about the future leaders of America.

Books Mentioned

These are the books that were mentioned and/or recommended during this episode:

Get in the Van
Used Book in Good Condition; Rollins, Henry (Author); English (Publication Language); 247 Pages - 01/01/1996 (Publication Date) - 2.13.61 Publications (Publisher)
A Dull Roar: What I Did on My Summer Deracination 2006
Used Book in Good Condition; Rollins, Henry (Author); English (Publication Language); 272 Pages - 07/28/2008 (Publication Date) - 2.13.61 (Publisher)
Ladies and gentlemen - Lenny Bruce!!
Hardcover Book; Goldman, Albert Harry (Author); English (Publication Language); 565 Pages - 10/28/1974 (Publication Date) - Random House (Publisher)
The Complete Idiot's Guide to the U.S. Constitution
Used Book in Good Condition; Timothy Harper (Author); English (Publication Language); 304 Pages - 10/02/2007 (Publication Date) - ALPHA (Publisher)

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Movies Mentioned

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That Sugar Film
Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand); Damon Gameau (Actor); Damon Gameau (Director); English (Playback Language)

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Rocky & Bullwinkle & Friends: Complete Season 1
Jay Ward (Producer); Audience Rating: NR (Not Rated)
$12.97 −$0.98 $11.99

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